Saturday, June 3, 2017

Kenchu was 10

I was telling my neighbours and friends about Kenchu when one reminded me that he was here 9 years and I'd picked him up as a 1 yr old.

Somehow that makes me feel better. He had a long and happy life except for the itching and hypoglycemic hunger which I did my best to fill.

How time flies! I remember it like it was yesterday that I picked him up and fell in love with his trusting, smiling eyes.

I promised him a cure that I couldn't deliver. But I finally understand this enormous disease we call distemper/type 1 diabetes.

Very few remedies helped him in those years, Psorinum being the most striking. But my fear of it meant that I rarely used it.

He was drawing Bufo 30 and Lith Carb 6 the day before he died.

Such insight from Barry Carter

An enormously deep talk on ORMUS! So many insights (but he doesn't sound well at all).

Barry Carter says in this (audio) the DNA is like an antenna and connects us to a nonphysical pattern that helps us grow right. But if we damage the DNA then we're killing the ORMUS that's in our DNA, the inner net. Our sense of community comes from the ORMUS resonating with other ORMUS and when we are depleted we lose that.

I agree!

This is what leads to the disease causing fear, anxiety and isolation. They can't sense the deep interconnectedness. Then the lone wolf syndrome happens and ...get sick (mentally and physically). This is what's happening to the distemper cases.

Here's a very interesting detail that confirms my observation of copper-solar plexus link to this disease state of diabetes/distemper: Jim, a friend of Barry, trapped ORMUS from the air and made it into metal and he found that it was mostly copper (different sources have different ORMUS).

So air/heavenly ORMUS is responsible for the copper imbalance diseases!! At the very root of it that's what distemper is: too much copper and not enough earth prana.

Sweetie has a growth

Sweetie I discovered today had a growth in her solar plexus region. Again guides say surgery won't help but neither will homeopathy, reiki, etc.

I'm feeling pretty hopeless right now. These are physical blocks but there's no changing it??:(

There's no stopping this.:(

There is no stopping these deaths. My guides say nothing will help - not Reiki, not homeopathy, not ORMUS. (Not surgery, allopathy or antibiotics either in case you're wondering.:)

It's part of the earth change. Maybe this is one way it throws off suffering. It's been getting worse since 2014 though last year I thought it would improve, there were some improving but  that seems to have gone back.

That's it then. We just keep doing what we do and ... wait?

ORMUS seems to speed up the process like homeopathy and Reiki.

But the astonishing thing is how painlessly both he and the kitten seem to have died. There's no sign of struggle around either (Kenchu had vomited a little - maybe he choked on it? I'll never know). Usually they pee & shit in the last trying to let go of root prana. Neither had that.

Maybe this is what happened to the Egyptians. They realised that higher level healing is dying on the physical plane. Maybe when the great drought hit Egypt they all used ORMUS to move on.

Certainly ORMUS users are dying and aren't immortal. Laurence Gardner died.

I'm not going to give it to animals again until I fully understand it myself.

Kenchu died last night

Kenchu died in his sleep last night! It must have been during sunrise because at 6 am when I  awoke his body was still warm.

This is a shock. He came for his evening walk, barked at all his enemies and ate his food. He didn't want the midnight walk which he loves but when it's windy he gets very cold so I thought nothing of it.

On the night walk, three cops asked if he was still alive because he's always so conspicuous. For a half hour I suspected poisoning because of the peculiar question - but though he went off on his own, ate from strangers and garbage, it's not possible. No one could be so cruel to such a sweet dog.

He was 10 years old and has survived distemper by losing all his hair.

A lawyer gave him allopathy (probably ivermectin) over a few months which may have contributed, but his intentions were good, and he stopped a few weeks ago when the skin got worse.

I put a little ORMUS on his forehead 3 days ago and maybe that contributed too. Kenchu was so bright and cheerful right until midnight, more than usual. Was it a healing crisis or was death itself a healing? I'll probably find out in my own passing in 6 years.

The 3 deaths in Vngr and Kenchu indicates the change of season, the start of the monsoon, which is hard on diabetics. But that means that the 3 deaths weren't related to vax but weather (depression near Sri Lanka) & ground waves.

RIP, my little warrior.
I felt that heart lift about 2 hours after the kitten died. Today my grief over Kenchu went on and on, heavy as a stone. But just now I felt it lift and expand again 14 hours later. This must be the work of ORMUS.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Thinking these deaths through

I'm really terrified to see the rate at which they're dying this and last year. Granted they're born in larger numbers than ever before - fertility seems to have sky-rocketed, but they are using less cat DNA codes to live than ever before.

The vast number of kittens don't seem to know how to adapt to the earth storms or ground waves or solar events.

For example, 5 kittens at the hotel died one after the other. I asked them to wait a few months vbut they just love cats so they went out and brought 3 more of which 2 still survive. There are more kittens available than ever before, so they find plenty, but rarely do they mature to adulthood.

My own unnamed kitten came on his own and ate well for a few weeks but the minute he began to use the nutrition to grow, he began to die.

It's always preceded by constipation so it works it's way up from the root chakra or the sacral during sexual development.

One common thing is also resistance - the hallmark of diabetes. Fear itself, the feral state, is a resistance. This breaks down with prana but not fast enough for healing as I've seen with this kitten.

He just kept getting colder and colder but would reject heat. I've read that that's how the body maintains it's core temperature.

I could not get him to warm up except last night after his 3rd drop dose of ORMUS from pink salt - he did better after each dose but the effect would wear off. I'm so new to it that I didn't know if I should give more since he'd reject it and water when offered.

He warmed up for 2 hours and then went down again after 3 am as the sun cycle began.

It's linked to an inability to grow using the sun radiations. They sleep through the sun cycle and develop pranic deficiencies. They improve at night but then go down again the next morning.

I'm so sick of this dying going on!! I've asked my guides before and will again: how can this problem be overcome and they sail through to adulthood?

V aunt's last kitten may be dead too. Haven't heard it mew since yesterday.

3 dogs in Vngr died within 2 weeks of that damned anti rabies vax. Good knows how many thousands more.

Forced on street dogs just before the monsoon throwing their immunity out of whack.

AWOs have little choice (part of the govt handout agreement) though they could maintain the cold chain better!

It's an endless stream of deaths.

Kitten died

The kitten died before I got home. He never recovered much strength.

His aura went down from very thick at the top of his body to very low and thin at the bottom.

He drew Pinus 6 last evening and night and lactic acid 6 this morning.

Except for a small bounce back 3 days ago, when he drank water and milk willingly, the successive groundwaves the daddy before, then yesterday & died today during the big one between 11:45 am & 12:45 pm.

He just kept getting colder and colder but would reject heat. I've read that that's how the body maintains it's core temperature.

Day 2 ORMUS use

Yesterday the day went on with a sore throat and in a very easy flow of healing energy.

This morning I took a quarter teaspoon of ORMUS.

No aura flashing that I noticed but my right eye watered for a quarter hour. I noticed an increase in attention span because I got all my morning work done rapidly. Usually I can flutter around getting nothing done, frustrated and worried sick with sick animals around.

But I was too worried about the kitten not recovering to pay attention to anything else. The kitten died before I got home.

At about 5 pm after I buried the kitten 3 hours before, I felt a lift and expansion of my heart chakra that went on and on rising to my throat and wiping away the grief and hopelessness.

That's never happened before. I'm usually choked up and weighed down for hours no matter how much the other animals clown to cheer me up.

So many things I like about ORMUS!

There are standout ideas in the  ORMUS community that catch the eye. The Americans are so eager to share (albeit hoping to profit after as always - they can't help their capitalist tendencies despite good hearts:). I've deleted about 90% of the videos that I've downloaded and watched or I'd've added links!

1. This has wonderful stuff explained by the 83 yr old ORMUS user, John Milewski
He talks of how transitional metals in a high spin state shrink to become inert gases.

This ties into Raymond Walters periodic table of harmonic elements for me!

In this blog I've often puzzled over the transitional elements because they're so effective and yet can't be used frequently.

2. David Wolfe and Barry Carter here discuss magnetic water traps and how vortex energy brings out the ORMUS while magnets repel it. In this vid as well Barry Carter discusses the use of vortex.
This ties it into Victor Schauberger's astonishing genius and insights into the diamagnetic nature of water.

3. Laurence Gardner too blows my mind with his lecture on the sacred ark . He mentioned Sean Adam's endorsement of ORMUS through his brain research ( Sean Adams has the world records for memory and speed reading for 10 years straight and runs the alphalearning Institute.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

I tried ORMUS today!

I think there's really something to this!

I felt it immediately in the aura around the left side of my head - the minute it hit my mouth. The flashing in the same area continued for about a half hour!

In my mouth it felt cool like the alkaline water made with lime and salt all the way down my throat. But with this a prickling went up my nose as well. It was followed by an aching in my chest like I'd cried and sobbed and a lighter version of silent grief. Then actual pain in my diaphragm and stomach ache like I've got a period. Couldn't feel it beyond that because my head was so full of plans and joy.

I gave it to both sick kittens. Karia fought me tooth and nail so I just put it on his head. The dying one looks clearer but he's so close to the end I'm not sure. He's refused water all day.:(

I made it with washing soda and pink salt and another batch with white salt. The pink precipitated pink but the white didn't - it had suspended matter even when I drained it. The ph of sodium carb was 11.1. This morning it was 10.8. I used vinegar to neutralize it to 7.0 before use. More later.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

I made ORMUS today!

I bought washing soda and a ph meter and pulled out 3 HDPE jars.

I'll know tomorrow if doing it just after new moon collects any ORMUS at all!

My sodium carbonate reached 11.1. I mixed it in but didn't measure the ph. Did it with normal white salt and pink salt separately. Let's see which gives good ORMUS.:)

Guides are back!

The guides are back or at least much louder now, that I can communicate with them. The long periods without guidance are strange times. I may have grown a little dependent again.

Yesterday they helped me pick ask the remedies for the kitten and today he drank a quarter spoon each of both water and milk.

In the afternoon I wanted to cuddle him as soon as I got back but they said no. I'm glad because I tend to grieve before they're gone and it can't be great for the sick to have me so emotional and heart heavy.

But they taught me something!

They wanted me to hold eucalyptus 10m and sleep (my imitation of meditation - I can't do the latter without falling asleep:).

When I got up I went to peep in my attic at the kitten, and yo my astonishment my energy rushed into his aura and filled it up! I was so surprised I put a pyramid and gilded the sides with a few hasty and confused intentions (my mind insists on participation even though it knows it's not the doer!:). It was over in less than a minute and aura stable.

I puzzled over it. How could his aura be so empty? I've treated him all night with all the remedies! Who can live with an empty aura like that anyway?

It just struck me 5 mins ago what the guides were showing me!

His aura wasn't empty - it needed the eucalyptus 10m that I'd held and absorbed in sleep. The minute I got close, it raced to fill his aura up with *that particular vibration*!!

So this may be the method they've been trying to show me for months. If I can meditate or at least fall asleep with the correct remedies, my energy fills up with that vibration and it's easier to just transfer it by hand!

Two more missing (and back!!:)

Black and white puppy in POC missing from last night as well as the happy couple's male black and white at M circle.

Got to wait and hope.

The poc puppy showed up again! M circle, alas, didn't. Terrible ground wave and thunderstorm.

The happy couple's second one is back too! He's just gone lame in his right leg. The usual sciatic paralysis of distemper.:/

Spinal paralysis of this month

Each case this month has been a kind of spinal brain paralysis - respiratory more affected. It's clearest in this kitten's case. It started with a pigeon look in the back heart chakra/shoulder blades. It's an accumulation of energy up the spine inflaming the nerve-lymph area there? looks like rheumatoid arthritis.

Kali phos 1m was followed by hekla lava 10m, lithium carb 6, then ammonia carb 30 eased the breathing.

But it was all back at night. I got lactic acid 6 by morning and then electricitas 3 followed and lith carb again.

The problem with the respiratory paralysis and spinal "camel back" form of the disease is like rheumatoid arthritis. The brain gets stuck with prana and it thickens in the aura. Deposits of lactic acid block messaging and there's no electrical signalling.

Is this the carbon cycle of Krebs affected? The eating and drinking converts the food into the poison that the body can't use.

I should try to get the cyanocobalamine to see if it can cure. It was what Krebs recommended I think. Maybe why Shilla and the others drew hydrocyanic acid and the snake poisons?

Monday, May 29, 2017

Another kitten w/ paralysis!

If someone looked down my site, they'd be forgiven for thinking that this is a record of the failure of healing rather than it's solution!

But I only record sickness and deaths because it's a way to remember these bright and beautiful souls that crossed my path on their way to someplace else.

Healing is so slow and subtle there's no drama to it. It's like love, always working, indestructible and constant. Those who benefit from it go from sick to healed effortlessly.

I tend to ignore the healthy and focus on the sick too much. The hundreds that live I barely spare a thought for,  even though life itself is a  miracle.

This little kitten came abandoned by mom with just the incessant mewing and a pigeon chest to indicate disease. Probably Meow or her daughter's kitten. He settled in my attic and quieted down over Baryta Carb 6x for 2 weeks, which was a relief. He'd eat the food and drink water and sleep a lot, never leaving for long.

Yesterday I noticed he hadn't eaten, and today he didn't even lap water! The solar & groundstorm and cyclonic Indian ocean takes it's toll on life in the sub continent.

I pulled him down and noticed extreme dehydration but he'd refuse water.

Conscious of the NGM (new Germanic medicine) warning not to force water when the epileptic symptoms are on, (since fluid fills the brain & worsen) I didn't force feed or  water.

He was drawing Kali phos 1m (mouth dose) & Lith Carb 6.

The guides agreed pond water might interest him so I took him there. He promptly fell in, trying to walk on the dileaves!

The dunking seems to have hydrated him a little, something I wouldn't have dared do to a cat!

As I wiped him down he seemed to wake up and his eyes were dilated for the first time in days.

Then the energies started moving. The main chakra line was off by 30 deg on the horizontal and the energies of anti clockwise rotation set up in the top aura. The front and base line (as usual for sick cats) was blocked at about 3 ft on either end.

The rest of the blocked energy was concentrated around his shoulder blades.

As prana released the energy he mewed a couple of times in that panicked cry like he was remembering, and kept startling, then as he calmed, the sideways shaking of his head began.

So finally the hidden, 'subsultus tedum' muscular action that was in the spine was revealed!

So there are two healing routes to shock - one with sodium (Na) and the other potassium (K)!! The sodium shock must be the short sharp traumas that alter life after. The potassium shock must be the long slow accretion of chronic anxiety from childhood and before.

I put him back in the attic and he was sleeping with his eyes open.

I hope he heals. None of what I'm learning from the guides is worth it if they don't survive.

I'll be going back to heal him again, praying this is a stage and not a state!

Myna flew off

A small creature that survived the last solar storm & cloud burst was a myna. She was hopping on one foot with the other paralysed and curled up.

I did some prana yawning for her (all the energy was drawn near the frontal brain) and wouldn't let anyone intervene. That evening it found it's balance and flew away.

I didn't expect such a quick recovery. Bird distempers usually end in a kind of Alzheimer's, where they progressively forget how to fly & lose all direction sense (like my kite - took him 3 months with Actea racemosa not to fly into walls and find his way out of the window).

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Hateful and mad ORMUS users

I've watched a few vids about ORMUS and I'm struck by how cruel and insane some of these advocates are.

One made rats swim until they drowned, 60-70 rats, to prove the stamina given by  ORMUS is 3 times more.

Another thinks he's from Egypt and went with the exodus, shitting behind camels which cracked him up. Most think they're alchemists and are superior to chemists.

Many are doing it for the alt med money while pretending, as all Americans do, that it's never about the money.:)

Jon de K who made a documentary is so possessive of it that it isn't on YouTube but only on his website for viewing.

In what way do these ppl think they're spiritually evolved at all? They're all mostly very ordinary alt sci rednecks, filling niche areas to make a living without mainstream work. They could be scrounging for scrap copper for all the difference!

Many of the early pioneers are dead, so there's no immortality to be had through ORMUS. No real evolution since they're none of them look younger or kinder for using it.

The proponents are very disappointing, I must say.

ORMUS in water & plants

I loved the pic of the cactus watered with ORMUS that had the light coming off of it!

The ORMUS from dew was astonishing.This explains why the guides wanted me to take just the new leaves and not damage the plant and make it weep maybe? It's Consciousness Itself! We should understand and appreciate.

Since starting the yawning my bike's been amazing. I've never thought I'd metal as alive until the article 'I, ---' (can't recall) about the conscious machine that shook me up considerably.

But if it's from the soil, of course prana flows in it.

Brownie died

The little black & white teen died last solar cycle around this time, if I forgot to mention it.

Today I heard that Rita's Brownie died on Wednesday (same as Shilla during the earth or groundstorm - that's what I'm going to call it).

Rita wouldn't let me treat the tumour, insisting on surgery 2 months ago. I had to agree because Brownie was in so much pain. I knew Elaps would heal the ulcerating tumour because she drew it so much.

When Rita brought her back I knew there was no chance for him to survive - her leg was filled with water (milk leg) & constipated and Rita was happily oblivious. I said my goodbyes to her quietly and didn't try again. Brownie would lean her head against mine and press in silently pleading.

But Rita and SSR have argued emotionally for allopathy before. The last oldie died not 6 months ago because of their enthusiastic kidnapping and sheltering. But they won't listen to reason - 16 dogs have died because of SAR in the last year. All over UPO, animal lovers have noticed her fatal allopathic interventions. Rita has lost 7 dogs now, she had spent 20k for Brownie, quite a badge of animal loving these days, but for a useless medical procedure that didn't address the cause. But, hey, live and let die.

RIP, Brownie.

Something about the Eye of Horus and Ormus

I've watched a few ormus vids after reading this fascinating write up about it in 'Structured water.'

I've no doubt they're on the right track. Transitional elements like copper, silver and gold and the rest have given astonishing healings before as you may have seen on this blog. Inexplicable.

But one thing especially caught my mind while David Hudson talked at the Emota in 2011: the golden TEAR on the eye of Horus.

I've noticed the tears that flow while prana yawning are especially salty. It's more salty while healing animals than myself (and I don't knife about humans since it's even more difficult to tear up healing people for me).

Since most of the Ormus is made from salt, I wouldn't be surprised if the refined salt of tears, especially tears of compassion, and as a result of an effort to give health through yawning, contain more ormus!:)

Takes my breath away to think that's probable! The guides always push me until I tear up while yawning, after which the healing of the animal goes faster.