Monday, May 15, 2017

Trauma healing after Aggravations

The guides say I could have saved Icy but not how. As usual. It's something I already have is what they're saying but I can't think of what I have that I didn't do.

Other than being generally insulting by saying I think of everything wrong, they add salt to my wounds as a healer.:(

Again their convo grows distant, as if they only show up in time to help me heal a dying animal, which I'm always doing wrong according to them when the animal dies.

Something happened that shouldn't have between when Icy was playing with the stick and I came back after doing the laundry. I tried to syringe water since he hasn't had any from  morning. He was having a breathing asthmatic attack which I noticed after I'd syringed so maybe that was the final straw.

Perhaps the playing signaled a kind of healing that I should have sat through and nurtured instead of running off to wash his dirty laundry? I think this might be it.

The trauma released by homeopathic aggravation should be walked through like rebirthing, in baby steps, gently. I was too impatient with it.

I should have kept him in a dark moist womb-like space first, then moved him when he played with the stick to a safe quiet room and stayed connected by the solar plexus cord like a mother's connection. Then walked him through the muscle rebuilding/ strengthening like he was a child... This must be how we should handle all aggravations and their recuperation periods.

My heart hurts too much now.