Thursday, April 6, 2017

Distemper locations by chakra

Distemper starts at the start of the solar cycle with excess nerve energy travelling up the spine.

By solar day 4 or 5, at around the heart and solar plexus the energy creates malfunctions. Bufo on day 6 moves energy stuck at the solar plexus up to the head to circle out.

The excess Prana cycles out through the nose or gets blocked again. It goes to the jaws eyes creating inflammation. Then mucus as the body tries to block the flow.

Acromegaly like excess growth seems to be related. Pituitary and other endocrine glands seem to function on prana. Explains the lack of ducts at any rate!

The next chakra down for healing is the heart. It is responsible for the massive breathing difficulty, the groaning, upper body lameness, rapid heart beat, tachycardia.

It takes the longest time of these chakras to heal. The block extends almost 2 feet in Juliet's case. But it also gives the most relief, breath being so essential.
Still there - I assume sacral next but I'll take what I've achieved so far. I'm trying bufo 12 next (poor frog!). I'm going to buy higher today.

Bufo is clearly an endocrine remedy activated by the waxing moon (still not sure how the sun and moon work together!). It can counter the solar degradation of excessive stimulation. It works from the spine: root, sp, throat towards nose, heart, sacral in a pattern.

How to Prana Yawn - 2

Sit or lie down comfortably next to your cat or dog within arms reach.

Breathe in air yawning in little gasps taking it deeper into your lungs until you feel it pass the flap at your solar plexus.

When you breathe out again through your mouth, direct it to the animal's forehead while keeping your hand(s) in front of it's nose about 4 inches away.

If you can, add a good intention like, "this energy heals you in every way".

You will feel your hands being pulled in small circles or further in or out, let the energy guide that.

While breathing in, imagine a lightning bolt it is faster and goes deeper.

Another thing that makes it heal faster is holding a homeopathy remedy in your hand. In this I let the guides choose the remedy.

Even if you start unsure if you're doing it right, the guides say that they will help anyone who tries, so stay open.

How to Prana Yawn - 1

Prana is air or sky/heavenly energy, mixed in your body with earth energy through your feet and plant energy through digestion (gut flora).

It is transformed by breathing deeply through yawns into your lowest chakras. Yawning clears the higher chakras to draw in energy from the crown and forehead as well.

What you breathe out can heal the energy of other living creatures. The mixing is at the heart chakra so the energy comes out in the fingertips as well as the breath.

In this way we are all, all living creatures, transformers of energy.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Lol! Criticism

I just heard that my blog was depressing and I'm thankful the person didn't add boring and repetitive!:)

It's inspired me to try and clean it up a bit even if the mobile is a real impediment to enjoying correction (not that anyone enjoys editing).

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Bitters and tonsils

When I was explaining to mage on T about the snaking effect of the prana of yawns, how it disappears past the g-spots only to show up around the skull bones (clearing the sinuses and orbits, headaches, the salivary glands and tonsils), I realised that bitter taste buds are way back very close to the tonsils!

Maybe this is the connection that activates the immune system? I'll have to try some bitters to see if it works like the lime and water cooling.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Accidents, missing

Red Baron, GH, seems to have had an accident (skin abrasions, left jaw and leg) between last evening and now.

Emo dog & Stilt white & Stunned cat, Wy, all missing from the start of this solar storm.

Neighbors kitten is missing, one kitten rescued from a rooftop drainpipe by dismantling it.
4/April - Emo confirmed dead. RIP, sweet gentle dog. I never saw that you were ill until that last time. You were always on time & so sweet ... what went wrong??