Saturday, January 14, 2017


I'm such a goose. Maybe if I could poke a hole I might have figured out this diabetic thing earlier. But the guides say no - I guess I was too busy ignoring humans.

The other thing that has me laughing is the guides saying I can heal all the street dogs of my city. That's a lot of dogs, close to a lakh, and I've tried to work it out before, it seems impossible even with a large group, a protocol and all the finances. Let's see! Will, way!:)

Why did it have to be diabetes

The two diseases I've been most contemptuous of, and afraid of, and consistently ignored as much as possible, have been diabetes and cancer.
Both are related (cancer=tb+diabetes) and diabetes especially I've felt was completely faked (I'd ask people,"what do you mean by 'sugar problem'? Everything has sugar!":).

I've been afraid of their energy stealing ways - they're black holes of endless acquisition, these begging, pleading, demanding, violating, grabbing, sucking swamps of neediness.

Most of my disdain for diabetics stemmed from their emotional histrionics, the inconsistent eating and gluttony, their laziness and claims of fatigue as soon as work is mentioned, their cunning and bossy manipulation from mental laziness, stubbornness, so many many things! They're the cynics, the sceptics, realists and will squash you just for kicks.

So this is karma. All my beloved animals' suffering being diabetic! That I have to figure out how to heal them in their various stages in it. I should have suspected it long ago seeing how common it was in humans.

Insulin might have been possible for a few but the guides say it holds back healing and prevents it.

How I wish it was unique to humans! But no, I have to learn yet again clashing with sceps, emos and their ilk how this is healed in my animals.

I'm so blank about diabetes. Mostly because of all the contradictory stuff out there. For example, I don't know what they should eat even - fats and greens or proteins and carbs.:)

Friday, January 13, 2017

Uran 3 today

Again the guides are going with Uran 3 but say it won't help the old guy but to give it anyway. Let's see. I wonder what I'm missing. They say not to start or give any allopathic insulin but oked homeopathic insulin 3x today.

The wet gangrene has almost completely healed on one side (which I thought was impossible). He's itching and losing fur on the other hind leg so maybe it will set in there next? I'm scared.

Increasing complexity

I'm always astonished at how quickly any study becomes complex. This began  We master it when we can simplify it again to a useful level.

It's not just that plant remedies follow the moon and the minerals follow the sun cycle. The interaction of the two might be complex as well.:(

So a plant or animal remedy during full moon which happens during a solar storm might be supplemented by a mineral remedy that enhances it's effect. Wow, that's beyond my skill level I think.

I'll stick to the simpler version of this and that as if the sun is the only effect during a solar storm (and only focus on solar wind speed for now!:), and the moon only when there is no solar effect.

The only way to heal oneself

One of the truths of healing is that you can only heal by giving. It took me a long time to understand why.

I've seen very sick animals give away their food, nourishment that they desperately need, to bigger and stronger animals and it would make me despair. No matter how much food I'd save for the sick ones they'd share it out. Dogs and cats especially make a big production of it, it's almost ceremonial and they look sheepish when I break it up rudely and impatiently.

But I myself healed with giving. People would mock and get annoyed when I'd drag myself it of bed and go to feed street dogs, but it healed me like nothing else. Nothing seemed more important to me at that time either than making sure a few animals were fed before I ate, before I forgot from a full stomach what hunger felt like.

This giving seems to clear the heart chakra and get energy flowing like nothing else does. The great chakra is the fulcrum balancing the three upper and three lower chakras. It might even connect the two brains - the solar plexus and the forehead through it's nerve impulses. Something produced by the thymus is a match to the pineal gland though I cammy recall what (I've posted it before).

Perhaps this is what diabetics and sceps miss which is why they're sicker than normal people. I've seen sceps never share either knowledge or approval. Diabetics are emotional and prone to misunderstandings. Everything has to flow to them and go no further. That only makes the flow of energy stop. If they give away amd share, say a half if what they earn or eat or think they'd feel and heal better.:)

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Area healed with Lactic Acid 30

The lactic acid seems to deposit in the lower half of the body. During solar winds upto 600-700 kmps when the liver is struggling it's good to give this remedy at 30.

Starting at the hip joints, you work down to the knee and toes until the paws glow warm energy (chakras there opening up maybe?).

Then the pancreatic region around the back, followed by the solar plexus in the front.

These areas seem worst affected.

How two homeopaths see diabetes

I like two lists on diabetes: one by ojas and the other by Bashir. (Bashir's list I found in Feb thanks to a scep as usual throwing a hissy fit over it.:)

I haven't been able to get any real diabetic to try either despite all pressure because they're sick of meds, stubborn and stressed. But animals draw all these remedies at 3x,9 all at the same time not as per protocol, and I've given it a few days a month for 3 months. They improved appreciably but were not cured. By that time I was into solar remedies and did not follow up, not realising diabetes was connected to the sun.

The ojas list I saw a couple of weeks ago and was very excited to find Uran on it! I'm going to compare how both view diabetes from their protocols for fun and learning.:)

Bashir's protocol for diabetes:
TDS, each for a week, first Q (tincture) then 3x, 6x.
(1) Acidum Phosphoricum Q (2) Gymnema sylvestra Q (3) Magnesia sulphurica Q (4) Sanicula Q (5) Murex purpurea Q (6) Acidum Picricum Q (7) Calcarea Phosphorica Q (8) Syzygium Jambos Q (9) Argentum metallicum Q (10) Arsenicum Bromatum Q (11) Iodium Q - (12)
Once monthly: Nat mur, thuja, syphilinum, bacillinum

Diabetea ojas -
Curare - Insulinum - Uranium Nitricum - Phosphoricum Acidum - Lacticum Acidum - Natrium Muriaticum - Chionanthus Virginica - Ferrum Iodatum - Grindelia robusta

Area healed by Rhus Ven 200

The lobes of the brain draw Rhus to heal nerves all the way to the feet. But that effect in releasing paralysis faded a few days later and other complications took my attention away (gangrene, ulcers). Not sure when I'll get back to it.

Found a vet but he doesn't euthanize. I'm in no rush since he's eating well and drinking and it could be a Uran aggravation (most likely since it was almost 12 days after the 3x dose ... but recovery is very slow.)

Monday, January 9, 2017

The end of this road

My guides have just said that this old guy should be euthanized.:(

I can see a new gangrenous patch on the other side, healing fast, but the guides say I don't know enough to heal him completely. I only need to find a kind vet who'll come home and euthanize him.

He's been with me for a month and there's a very slow but sure decline, even though he's eating well he's not gaining weight, his stools are varied and not regular, but more damning is the gangrene/ulcers that heal only to reopen on a different side.

Maybe like the guides say, there's too much organ destruction to rebuild. Maybe this is why they didn't want me to write about him all along - it was all too little, too late from the get-go. I was only beginning to understand the solar-diabetes connection. I still don't get the blood circulation-sun, digestion-sun and the lymph (probably moon) connection.

I've asked if insulin injections will help or maybe even chopping of the gangrenous portions but it's from the hip joint down on one side and the knee on the other. What life is left for the poor creature after all of that is gone?

Every solar storm makes him weaker. It's inexorable.

This time, because of the lack of movement, his age and gangreneI have to admit I can't see *how* he'll heal back to where he'll have a life again!:( There should be something to save and he is bright and cheerful a few days but the lack of movement had been too much and for too long.

It goes against everything I believe to give up on life by projecting the future, but how can I save an immobile dog from gangrene? I'm despairing.

The Bryonia 3 has brought back some movement but it will fade like the last time. The spine is sclerosed with little synovial fluid. My guides are right in that I'm only slowing but not reversing the disease.

I'm not strong enough in healing or chi to do what needs to be done. And the solar shenanigans aren't helping. The winds are buffeting the planet and even the healthy ones are just surviving it.

Today for the first time he's sleeping on his side, rubbing his face into my hand, being affectionate. Tomorrow I'll probably have to ask around for a vet to end his life. Give me strength. Or give me hope.:(

They've given me two months to find a vet.

Bryonia 3 for paralysed old guy

Bryonia and Apis esp the former has transformed the sick old guy to the point that the guides agree with me that he'll live. That crackling in guys joints and so spine may have reduced.

Kittens' sexes

I have several posts in my head that I should get out. One is that my kittens mysteriously change sexes on me. Sometime two months ago Rani became male and Raja female.:) Similar to Gunda's sex change! We've renamed them Raji, Rana like we did with Gundamma.

Bryonia for falling solar wind

Bryonia 3x for the solar wind peak. Bloody stools. old guy.drawing it from head to toe and sleeping well during and after. The tremors gone.

Separation of Ajna and Solar plexus

So ... We treat the solar and lunar remedies as separate, and tissues/circulation and bones/nerves/immunity as two separate categories.

Moon worship for healing

Breathing connects the ajna to the solar plexus, the male and female, the sun and moon.

The solar plexus is the male energy and the sun is related to it's power. The heart is the inflection point - if you can love wholeheartedly you'll probably never get sick. By inflection point, I mean that the over-development of this male energy blocks its flow to the heart chakra and turns out back around to sexual gratification and reconnects to the earth by amassing wealth and influence. It never reaches the heart.

The heart and thymus has a similar secretion profile as the pineal gland. (red)

We should worship the moon. (At least men should worship the moon and women the sun so we can live free of each other!:)

My feeling is that low potency of *plant remedies* is of the new moon and high of the full moon. Potency may entirely be is moon related, not sure about that.

The elements and minerals however are strongly linked to the solar cycle though I've seen no preference for potency among them. Most are drawn in very low potencies (3, 6, 12,:30) in the nutritive range.

Area to heal for gas gangrene

I feel like a glorified secretary to the guides sometimes.

Ok, gas gangrene or the wet form is a lung insufficiency and a circulation problem. The lungs don't exchange prana oxygen etc right so nitrogen is depositing at the extremes of the capillaries and so widespread destruction. The ammoniacal smell is from that.
This unprana'd blood is destructive to heart tissue. That's what kills the dogs esp after accidents and injury.

The nitrogen cycle should be of the kidneys? They're saying liver. (Let's check on the net.;)
The area to heal is (with ammonia mur) from below the shoulder blades to the middle of the rib cage. This is because the spine is hungry for prana and blood is made in it (the bone & nerves?). Anyway that's what they're saying.

I'm wiping the area down with Magnesium Sulph (Epsom) though I can't see how it will help, the guides are insisting. He's worse in that there are now flat pus rings all over his epigastric area though his affected leg has almost healed. No sign of maggots yet. But I don't know HOW he can get better!:(

But unlike the dogs I've seen dying from this kind of gangrene, he's as quiet and still and at peace as Sakare, Rocky's old friend who died of the same. It wasn't the deep tissue gangrene following a broken spine that killed him - it was a heart attack. So the guides are probably right that the gas in the blood is destructive of heart tissues at the end. How can it be healed? Through healing the spine? the digestive system? Kidneys?