Thursday, June 1, 2017

So many things I like about ORMUS!

There are standout ideas in the  ORMUS community that catch the eye. The Americans are so eager to share (albeit hoping to profit after as always - they can't help their capitalist tendencies despite good hearts:). I've deleted about 90% of the videos that I've downloaded and watched or I'd've added links!

1. This has wonderful stuff explained by the 83 yr old ORMUS user, John Milewski
He talks of how transitional metals in a high spin state shrink to become inert gases.

This ties into Raymond Walters periodic table of harmonic elements for me!

In this blog I've often puzzled over the transitional elements because they're so effective and yet can't be used frequently.

2. David Wolfe and Barry Carter here discuss magnetic water traps and how vortex energy brings out the ORMUS while magnets repel it. In this vid as well Barry Carter discusses the use of vortex.
This ties it into Victor Schauberger's astonishing genius and insights into the diamagnetic nature of water.

3. Laurence Gardner too blows my mind with his lecture on the sacred ark . He mentioned Sean Adam's endorsement of ORMUS through his brain research ( Sean Adams has the world records for memory and speed reading for 10 years straight and runs the alphalearning Institute.

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