Saturday, June 3, 2017

Kenchu died last night

Kenchu died in his sleep last night! It must have been during sunrise because at 6 am when I  awoke his body was still warm.

This is a shock. He came for his evening walk, barked at all his enemies and ate his food. He didn't want the midnight walk which he loves but when it's windy he gets very cold so I thought nothing of it.

On the night walk, three cops asked if he was still alive because he's always so conspicuous. For a half hour I suspected poisoning because of the peculiar question - but though he went off on his own, ate from strangers and garbage, it's not possible. No one could be so cruel to such a sweet dog.

He was 10 years old and has survived distemper by losing all his hair.

A lawyer gave him allopathy (probably ivermectin) over a few months which may have contributed, but his intentions were good, and he stopped a few weeks ago when the skin got worse.

I put a little ORMUS on his forehead 3 days ago and maybe that contributed too. Kenchu was so bright and cheerful right until midnight, more than usual. Was it a healing crisis or was death itself a healing? I'll probably find out in my own passing in 6 years.

The 3 deaths in Vngr and Kenchu indicates the change of season, the start of the monsoon, which is hard on diabetics. But that means that the 3 deaths weren't related to vax but weather (depression near Sri Lanka) & ground waves.

RIP, my little warrior.
I felt that heart lift about 2 hours after the kitten died. Today my grief over Kenchu went on and on, heavy as a stone. But just now I felt it lift and expand again 14 hours later. This must be the work of ORMUS.

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