Monday, May 1, 2017

Taraxicum for Crown and right eye

A new kitten walked into the house yesterday following a bunch of 6 others at lunchtime.

He was in bad shape one eye stuck open with severe opacity and barely able to breathe. Nose blocked & lids aglutinated.

I gave him cineraria-euphrasia drops in the eyes which loosened his mucusy nose a little, made him drink water and lots of prana. He could barely eat but gamely tried a little.

Then assuming his mother was around I put him outside as evening fell. I had a major panic & guilt attack after because he didn't show up for 3 days!

Today he walked in again at the same lunchtime with a black&gold brother in slightly better condition but one eye completely stuck. The whole routine repeated with both but this time he ate!!

Now I'll out him out again in the evening with a clearer conscience. He obviously has a mother nearby or at least a safe place to stay. His brother is harder to catch being new but I've got to put them out together.

He's drawing Tarax 10m over the crown for his right eye. I'm just using prana and Reiki for delivery not doses. Well maybe a sniff to make it stick at the end.

I'm guessing he's one of Shilla's aunt's or mom's 3. Which means one with the forehead star has died since I haven't see her.:(

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