Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Spinal paralysis of this month

Each case this month has been a kind of spinal brain paralysis - respiratory more affected. It's clearest in this kitten's case. It started with a pigeon look in the back heart chakra/shoulder blades. It's an accumulation of energy up the spine inflaming the nerve-lymph area there? looks like rheumatoid arthritis.

Kali phos 1m was followed by hekla lava 10m, lithium carb 6, then ammonia carb 30 eased the breathing.

But it was all back at night. I got lactic acid 6 by morning and then electricitas 3 followed and lith carb again.

The problem with the respiratory paralysis and spinal "camel back" form of the disease is like rheumatoid arthritis. The brain gets stuck with prana and it thickens in the aura. Deposits of lactic acid block messaging and there's no electrical signalling.

Is this the carbon cycle of Krebs affected? The eating and drinking converts the food into the poison that the body can't use.

I should try to get the cyanocobalamine to see if it can cure. It was what Krebs recommended I think. Maybe why Shilla and the others drew hydrocyanic acid and the snake poisons?

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