Sunday, May 28, 2017

Something about the Eye of Horus and Ormus

I've watched a few ormus vids after reading this fascinating write up about it in 'Structured water.'

I've no doubt they're on the right track. Transitional elements like copper, silver and gold and the rest have given astonishing healings before as you may have seen on this blog. Inexplicable.

But one thing especially caught my mind while David Hudson talked at the Emota in 2011: the golden TEAR on the eye of Horus.

I've noticed the tears that flow while prana yawning are especially salty. It's more salty while healing animals than myself (and I don't knife about humans since it's even more difficult to tear up healing people for me).

Since most of the Ormus is made from salt, I wouldn't be surprised if the refined salt of tears, especially tears of compassion, and as a result of an effort to give health through yawning, contain more ormus!:)

Takes my breath away to think that's probable! The guides always push me until I tear up while yawning, after which the healing of the animal goes faster.

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