Monday, May 1, 2017

Icy may be dying.:(

My Icy who is 17, has all the symptoms of apoplexy, distemper/ diabetic excitation which will be followed by death.

I've been consoling myself that he's lived a really long and happy life but it's not helping. I've been out of my mind since it started until I remembered the sequence of events:
Bufo 6
Aur met cm in food
Pinus 6
Tarax 10m
Rice bran oil + castor oil to drink
Milk+eucalyptus leaves (B17)
Elaps 6
Lach 30
Sugar+water+Euca leaves
Hyscam 30

The symptoms came up with the guides asking me to give him Bufo 6 (prana style) but I got impatient with his restlessness and gave him a mouth & nose dose which I rarely otherwise do (electrical storm affecting my judgement). I hope it's a teaching exercise by them and he'll be ok again. Hoping against hope.

By afternoon he was wandering up and down, something he rarely does. The others were growling at him, he snapped at my face when I was hugging him and at kittens.

By evening he was sitting on the floor moving his legs sporadically like he was trying to get up by not succeeding, still alert. But now, he was pacing restlessly. By morning 2 cats snapped at, by afternoon 2 cats more bitten.

Then he injured himself several times because he began stumbling around, no sleep, fell off the bed a few times, then cracked his jaw climbing up from the garden. Always moving, even limping, just like Laxmi!

After the oils his tongue went white, then just when I thought a normal color might follow, his jaw had been hurt and tongue dark red heading into brown!

Not sure if it's the injury or a Lachesis aggravation now! But the lach should be an antidote to bufo. Probably why slowly by afternoon he'd lost most of the excess nervous crazy - I hope he's not dying!

By then I'd collected half dry eucalyptus leaves as a source of B17 having read the Krebs work on metabolic diseases, boiled it in water and added it raw to milk and got him to drink both. After an hour or so, he could no longer close his jaws or withdraw his tongue!:( Now stringing the sugary euca water into his mouth.

His breathing is still lapsing into stentorian, and can't lie down. But he's squeezed himself into a base of a chair and is finally still as it has begun to rain & thunder.

That's how much sun & weather can affect diabetes/distemper!

Bufo is rhe underlying condition to these cases, Pinus relieves it and Lachesis, Hyoscamus may change the course of it.

If he lives and thrives, & I hope I've got everything right, the nitrosiles are going to be a regular on their food. Newberry have this again!

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