Wednesday, May 31, 2017

I tried ORMUS today!

I think there's really something to this!

I felt it immediately in the aura around the left side of my head - the minute it hit my mouth. The flashing in the same area continued for about a half hour!

In my mouth it felt cool like the alkaline water made with lime and salt all the way down my throat. But with this a prickling went up my nose as well. It was followed by an aching in my chest like I'd cried and sobbed and a lighter version of silent grief. Then actual pain in my diaphragm and stomach ache like I've got a period. Couldn't feel it beyond that because my head was so full of plans and joy.

I gave it to both sick kittens. Karia fought me tooth and nail so I just put it on his head. The dying one looks clearer but he's so close to the end I'm not sure. He's refused water all day.:(

I made it with washing soda and pink salt and another batch with white salt. The pink precipitated pink but the white didn't - it had suspended matter even when I drained it. The ph of sodium carb was 11.1. This morning it was 10.8. I used vinegar to neutralize it to 7.0 before use. More later.

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