Sunday, May 28, 2017

Hateful and mad ORMUS users

I've watched a few vids about ORMUS and I'm struck by how cruel and insane some of these advocates are.

One made rats swim until they drowned, 60-70 rats, to prove the stamina given by  ORMUS is 3 times more.

Another thinks he's from Egypt and went with the exodus, shitting behind camels which cracked him up. Most think they're alchemists and are superior to chemists.

Many are doing it for the alt med money while pretending, as all Americans do, that it's never about the money.:)

Jon de K who made a documentary is so possessive of it that it isn't on YouTube but only on his website for viewing.

In what way do these ppl think they're spiritually evolved at all? They're all mostly very ordinary alt sci rednecks, filling niche areas to make a living without mainstream work. They could be scrounging for scrap copper for all the difference!

Many of the early pioneers are dead, so there's no immortality to be had through ORMUS. No real evolution since they're none of them look younger or kinder for using it.

The proponents are very disappointing, I must say.

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