Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Guides are back!

The guides are back or at least much louder now, that I can communicate with them. The long periods without guidance are strange times. I may have grown a little dependent again.

Yesterday they helped me pick ask the remedies for the kitten and today he drank a quarter spoon each of both water and milk.

In the afternoon I wanted to cuddle him as soon as I got back but they said no. I'm glad because I tend to grieve before they're gone and it can't be great for the sick to have me so emotional and heart heavy.

But they taught me something!

They wanted me to hold eucalyptus 10m and sleep (my imitation of meditation - I can't do the latter without falling asleep:).

When I got up I went to peep in my attic at the kitten, and yo my astonishment my energy rushed into his aura and filled it up! I was so surprised I put a pyramid and gilded the sides with a few hasty and confused intentions (my mind insists on participation even though it knows it's not the doer!:). It was over in less than a minute and aura stable.

I puzzled over it. How could his aura be so empty? I've treated him all night with all the remedies! Who can live with an empty aura like that anyway?

It just struck me 5 mins ago what the guides were showing me!

His aura wasn't empty - it needed the eucalyptus 10m that I'd held and absorbed in sleep. The minute I got close, it raced to fill his aura up with *that particular vibration*!!

So this may be the method they've been trying to show me for months. If I can meditate or at least fall asleep with the correct remedies, my energy fills up with that vibration and it's easier to just transfer it by hand!

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