Monday, May 29, 2017

Another kitten w/ paralysis!

If someone looked down my site, they'd be forgiven for thinking that this is a record of the failure of healing rather than it's solution!

But I only record sickness and deaths because it's a way to remember these bright and beautiful souls that crossed my path on their way to someplace else.

Healing is so slow and subtle there's no drama to it. It's like love, always working, indestructible and constant. Those who benefit from it go from sick to healed effortlessly.

I tend to ignore the healthy and focus on the sick too much. The hundreds that live I barely spare a thought for,  even though life itself is a  miracle.

This little kitten came abandoned by mom with just the incessant mewing and a pigeon chest to indicate disease. Probably Meow or her daughter's kitten. He settled in my attic and quieted down over Baryta Carb 6x for 2 weeks, which was a relief. He'd eat the food and drink water and sleep a lot, never leaving for long.

Yesterday I noticed he hadn't eaten, and today he didn't even lap water! The solar & groundstorm and cyclonic Indian ocean takes it's toll on life in the sub continent.

I pulled him down and noticed extreme dehydration but he'd refuse water.

Conscious of the NGM (new Germanic medicine) warning not to force water when the epileptic symptoms are on, (since fluid fills the brain & worsen) I didn't force feed or  water.

He was drawing Kali phos 1m (mouth dose) & Lith Carb 6.

The guides agreed pond water might interest him so I took him there. He promptly fell in, trying to walk on the dileaves!

The dunking seems to have hydrated him a little, something I wouldn't have dared do to a cat!

As I wiped him down he seemed to wake up and his eyes were dilated for the first time in days.

Then the energies started moving. The main chakra line was off by 30 deg on the horizontal and the energies of anti clockwise rotation set up in the top aura. The front and base line (as usual for sick cats) was blocked at about 3 ft on either end.

The rest of the blocked energy was concentrated around his shoulder blades.

As prana released the energy he mewed a couple of times in that panicked cry like he was remembering, and kept startling, then as he calmed, the sideways shaking of his head began.

So finally the hidden, 'subsultus tedum' muscular action that was in the spine was revealed!

So there are two healing routes to shock - one with sodium (Na) and the other potassium (K)!! The sodium shock must be the short sharp traumas that alter life after. The potassium shock must be the long slow accretion of chronic anxiety from childhood and before.

I put him back in the attic and he was sleeping with his eyes open.

I hope he heals. None of what I'm learning from the guides is worth it if they don't survive.

I'll be going back to heal him again, praying this is a stage and not a state!

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