Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Two steps forward

Burp has learnt to pee standing up today, and chase Juliet when she dances barking around him.

The improvements are tiny and complex. A week or so ago he learnt to shit standing up. He's a pain on the butt with the whining to be walked though - esp because he constipates waiting for it! I almost prefer him going off whenever.

All of this with me supporting him around the waist, of course.

But in a giant leap forward, this morning he used his third/ hindleg to balance for the first time.

The other leg is still stretched out with no flex in a Lathyrus state (i have to buy it, used up all last month).

He has a really hard time after the Vanadium which aggravates the liver and the shit is pure bile-less white hard balls.

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