Saturday, March 18, 2017

Peonia's bad dreams

One thing I've learnt from kitten's death is that opium is used at the start of the solar month, at the root chakra, not the chakras above.

Peonia too seems to lead to very bad dreams above the heart chakra.

For instance, I dreamt that the guides wanted me to put Juliet out on the streets again. I'm not ready for Abrahamic sacrifices, though it made sense that she's well now, older and can survive in her own. Still, she has developed relationships with other kittens and dogs and it would be cruel. I'm also a big critic of ppl who abandon dogs to the street.

I worried about it for days then asked the guides again and they said, "NO, that's what you dread and that's why you dreamed it had to be."

So this is the Peonia state.

For the last week, 4 ppl close to me have gone strange and standoffish. No doubt they're in a state of suspicion and anger from imagining I'm intending them harm. I've barely talked to them though so it's all bad gut energies.:)

Peonia then is best used at the root chakra to prevent this.

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