Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Oh no

It just occurred to me that I might have set off an aggravation with Opium 10m. They say no to both guilt trips, but here I'm putting them down as possible factors.

Either the guides made a mistake by selecting it over Avena sat or I didn't use it as they directed.

The guides hesitated between those two remedies after she ate quite a bit today (fish in the morning, chicken broth in the afternoon, etc). Avena (oat) would have helped with gut digestion, Opium would send the nutrients to the brain (this was my way of thinking then). They settled on Opium so I thought that it was time for her to improve.

I'd forgotten aggravations and also the possible toxic overload in the gut. And that it's got a role in euthanasia. I'm wondering if toxins flooded her system suddenly leading to the spasms that reached the heart?

The other thing was that the guides wanted me to use it in the head region only (probably to reverse the brain fog!) and I was an idiot because I used it on the gut.:(

But anyway, the guides say it was time got her to go and nothing will bring her back.
oh no the guides are just being kind I think. It's entirely my fault. I should have healed only the head region ONLY to lift the brain fog with Opium. But, by going to the gut, I overactivated the neural pathway to release toxins.

It's the wrong time in the solar cycle to treat the gut-mucus membrane-nerve, so close to the head chakras. And again the high potency!:(

It might have cleared the head if I'd done what the guides wanted. But they're right in saying she wasn't improving. I started treating her too late in this solar cycle.

[I don't give kittens any material dose anymore. Homeopathy with just Reiki is enough because they're highly responsive.]

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