Friday, March 17, 2017

New upper chakra healing from the guides

The guides are now showing me a single remedy for each solar day. I'm going to work out why it's important. From what I gather, I've done the last few cycles wrong for the upper chakras. At least, not well enough or with understanding.

The spinal energy beyond the heart is very fine, attuned to intentions and more to the higher mental-emotional side of healing.

Then there's the turning around of energy to head back down. I haven't a clue how that happens even after all these months.

The problem with homeopathy (and me) is too many remedies. They're not all exact to any disease condition or time so they just lie there unused.

I've got so many now that I'm embarrassed to die and leave them for someone else to throw away (like a friend did her dad's). Silly as that sounds, it's a real concern of mind - I've accumulated too many because I've no intention of dying without knowing how yo heal animals.:)

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