Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Mucor cooking

Mok is making sufu on twitter and I'm so excited. I've only read about this ancient use of mucor. My guides will be relieved to get past this long blank period with me on this subject.

A study of mucor and it's inverse relationship in the gut of people with obesity:

Day 1: hyphae
Day 3: disgusting smell
Day 5: Spices (boiled) added on day 5:  @siujin_mok Chinese cinnamon, star anise,dried Orange peel,fennel,Sichuan pepper,myrcia,clove
Day 6: Condiments preparing : Shanxi chilli powder, salt,wine and boiled spiceries water
Day 7: wrapped the mao tofu with chilli powder first, put them into the bottle and covered with plenty of salt.
Then put more chilli powder if u like spicy, and poured the liquid (wine+spice water) into the bottle, store in dry place with cap on tightly.
6 months.

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