Thursday, March 23, 2017

Burp's WALKING!!

22/3 He's walking 3 ft - 5 ft in his own before he lists and falls to a side. Also he rushes with his front legs, that makes his left drag and he falls. Another way to fall, I've discovered, is to attempt to hop the back on a hind leg.:)

I'm not able to get him to attempt to stand on his own at the start as yet. The legs are still stretched out in a polio/lathyrus stretch when he falls, but he's scrambling as if to help.

Yesterday he hated falling in a regression that's to typical of this part of the solar cycle. He peed and shat where he was and didn't want to go out.

I was dizzy myself and couldn't see how his state could have been better.

But today he's been yowling and racing out for short stints every hour that I care to take him.

I hold him up by the hair and skin between his hip bones until he's steady and let go as he races off. Not the best solution but I want him to see he's got no crutches.:)

He's even shifting to the side he lists to correct a few times before he gives up! He's so excited and I'm so happy for him.

If it wasn't for his cataract, I'd put him back where he came from in a few weeks so he can go home again. I'd feed him where he was. But with the traffic the way it is and his advanced age, I'm hesitant.

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