Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Burp update

18 Mar Burp is now standing for longer periods on his own and barely needing support except to keep his spine from swinging laterally. He also wants to walk out several times a day which is annoying in a happy way.:)

I expected some reversal and it's there.
1. His control of urine has dropped again and he dribbled for 2 days (still a little but not as much).
2. The weaker hind leg rt grew strong for a day, now it's extra weak. There was severe atrophy in both hind legs so it's not unusual.
3. Apis and esp Hydrophobinum brought out an aggravation of the breathing and heart. Fortunately the guides warned ahead of it and picked Crategus because I didn't know what it was that made him so panicky.
4. It dropped quickly to sleep so the irritation of the heart chakra/nerves was mild. Wish I'd tried it and saved the kitten.

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