Saturday, March 25, 2017

Burp update - tail wag

Burp was wagging his tail since two evenings ago. Still not in a very good rhythm though.

He had a terrifying breathing issue (like a panic attack) last evening with what looked like the biggest reversal yet - he couldn't straighten his legs and walked in a crouch, got very constipated and peed on his bed, and drank water endlessly.
This is the time for diabetics to worsen and regress, the change over from solar plexus control to forehead towards the end of the solar month,  so I thought it would get worse.

But to my surprise, he's walking all by himself all day today! The transition from will (solar plexus) to imagination (ajna) went through.

This affects the heart chakra  so breathing difficulty, weak legs (as earth energy changes to sky energy), incontinence are to be expected.  This solar wind was wild reaching speeds of over 1000 km/s and worse, dropping (health effects are worse when it falls rather than when it rises).

For the breathing, I pressed down from the tip of the breast bone near the diaphragm a few times (I'd read about it somewhere). He preferred that I scratched him hard all over the chest laying him on his back.

The tail wagging is adding a great deal of balance. He's walked about 500 metres on his own since the morning falling about 12 times!! A real pain to have to follow him around though, just to stand him up. Can't wait for when his self-lifting powers set him free.:)

He still gets tense at the mildest slope and tries to run up losing his balance. It really is all in the mind because if he calmed down, he'd walk up easily! Just a fear and bad notion.

Just like his attacking puppy Julie and getting aggravated when barked at, attacking kittens and the other dogs and then getting scared of them. Now he walks by them quite calmly (if suspiciously:) and even walks up to strangers. Took time though!

All fears will subside and there will come a time he's free. I wish that for him.:)

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