Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Burp in a rush

The improvements are coming so fast in these first 10 learning days of the spring solar cycle!

Last night he began to stand with his legs apart (not stuck together) and this morning I loosened my hold and he stood in his own to drink water and pee. He's also standing strong on his right leg and shitting in that peculiar tense crouch of dogs - this can only be from the sciatica letting up.

And his bed's so clean! A real relief not to have to launder daily just for him. He's such a stickler for cleanliness that I'd have to change 8 - 10 beds a day that he soaked through or he'd yodel. So now he's got bladder & rectal control too. It must have started a week and a half ago but it's peaked now.

I hope it all doesn't go bad the last 12 days of the solar cycle - a time when gangrene and lymph problems predominate.

Uran nit 3 again yesterday, Vanadium today.

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