Tuesday, March 14, 2017

A kitten died.

Just now a kitten died. She was the runt of Stripes' latest set of 5. She was half the size if the others, but I was convinced no worse than Rana and could be easily healed. How wrong could I be!

I've been giving her both Reiki and prana for a week now, but not really putting my back into it. The improvements of Burp and Old Monk of Ghli during that time probably made me complacent. Worse, my guides said she'd heal. Until yesterday.

She ate and drank and peed a half hour ago! but her mother ignored her and the guides wanted me to heal with Opium 10m which they'd never done before.  Also Phos 10m last night should have been another red flag. I was oblivious though. She had the same attack four days ago and survived with prana but not this time.

i went by and saw her at an odd angle off the hot water bottle. She was already dying. She made suckling sounds which she does when she's thirsty, lapped up some water but the clonic spasms went on until her breathing was infrequent and arrested, a quarter hour later she died.

I'm really shocked. She was improving over the last three days - her eyes, nose, breathing except for anaemia and a kind of thunderstorm asthma (just before the rains). I should have seen the remedy change the guides were suggesting was for euthanasia.

rip, tiny thing.

This is the third reversal of what the guides said: Rana who lives when they said he'd die, Burp lives they said he'd die too, and this kitten died when they said she'd live (when I last asked they were iffy.but I didn't pay attention).

Her mother brought them close a month ago, but I had Burp and the new puppy worrying me and didn't help this one. A week is just not enough. I was giving her attn only for 15 mins the first few days until the asthma attack too! That's on me.:/

It seems to hinge on weather as always. Also on something in my will. When I'm determined I put myself into the breathing more. Didn't do it as deeply this time.:(

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