Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Yay reversing paralysis!

The paralysis is slowly but surely reversing. Both legs have movement now but unevenly.

I didn't realise how painful the process was. All the muscles are firing wrong. He's flexing when he wants to straighten and if he starts the motion, it repeats involuntarily a few more times. Even he looks at it surprised!

The shitting and peeing too are connected to movement in his legs! If I rub his back, nothing. If I help him flex his legs a few times, the motion is eased! No wonder exercise is so good for you.

It really has something to do with the pns & sns nervous system not the brain. Those two might be located in the solar plexus. There is a brain stem connection though but the healing must be between the shoulder blades, ...
Damn it went wrong again. At the solar plexus. Back on the spine. The energy which should rise up and clean out the spine was somehow dissipated. His spine is slightly stronger and more flexible but that's all.

It ended up as anxiety, ulcers on his thighs and tremors this solar storm. Didn't remove the paralysis as I thought it would.

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