Monday, February 20, 2017

What Gunda suffered from

Finally I can have peace of mind. Gunda I think had acromegaly and diabetes from it. That's why he was so hard to cure and control.:(

Thyreoidinum, pitu-gl, Baryta carb, Carcinosin

Ergot derivatives in allopathy apparently. No wonder K, Kenchu and Gunda healed around the time I used Secale!! I thought I'd taken care of some kind of anemia - it must have been acromegaly.

The other remedy I didn't use enough of, sadly, that helped Gunda repeatedly (and he loved it and I should have but kept putting it off or forgetting) is Hydrocotyle. It's a remedy for thickened skin and leprosy. Leprosy must be a pituitary malfunction too.

My first question about the hardened sceps was right but off-center: is it the pineal gland or the pituitary that was blocked? It's the pituitary but I should have asked if it was over-functioning too (to compensate for the blocked, calcified pineal gland).

That's why they sound like they're children. Much of their chat is teenage and their values and reasons for attacking others is juvenile. I never would have seen this without the Zamora piece about acromegaly causing diabetes!

Sceps (esp the diabetic ones) laugh and poke fun at the most childish things: appearances (a woman with a large butt like K), inappropriately & out of sync (Maaji giggling gleefully when she's wrong about something), pointing out differences in wealth (Trump), education-shaming (the entire ttcot scep gang).

They're simply unable to tolerate variety and complexity like they're of much lower intellects than their education/social status should place them. The pituitary, which should give up control to the pineal, probably doesn't. This leaves no room for higher, wider thinking.

I don't know how many times I've heard them talk down ppl who've dedicated their lives to a task like charity, like Mother Teresa, incapable of comprehending the light of love shining through every action every minute of every day.

Closer to home I have a few who have seen the work done day and night in the care of animals - yet still can call it "fake" or attention-seeking. How is it possible to be so blind, deaf and positively *dumb* on so many levels??

Their own paltry 'spontaneous' gofundme for the least deserving people to do the least important things, like take holidays, give them a teen glow and halo. There's one here who will 'take the family to Italy for a holiday' when they don't have enough to eat the rest of the year! It's amazing and touchingly amusing - like fumbling kids or puppies! I've seen men like this in real life - hateful at home to those deserving of respect but full of bon homie and generosity to the stranger. Recruiting they so is a show. Narcissism doesn't cover the multifaceted mystery!! It must be a pituitary foul-up of epic proportions to be in such large numbers.:)

What's more, I think it has to do with the sun. Some fungi related thing.

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