Monday, February 20, 2017

Very sick rats

12/Feb A very sick rat has been chasing me all over for a healing. The problem is that  the kittens and pup have the same idea. So while I've got a dozen distractions to take care of first (I know, lousy maternal material), I'm tripping over all these weirdly desperate creatures during solar storms. I'm low in energy myself, with poor attention span, distracted and stressed, not a calm healer.

Anyway he began to convulse at my feet. I finally picked him up and did the prana breathing until he stabilized. At that point he began to push his way out of my hands (this happens with ars alb too - I don't know what it means) so I put him down on a cardboard sheet, swathed to keep him warm. He was dead in the morning.

I mention this because I haven't saved any rat lives to date with the prana, only eased the end in two. I'm not sure why. Either I'm only able to work up the courage to pick them up when they're at the very last stage (they're shy, fearful things and I'm afraid of their big incisors); or their diseases are fearful (this one had lost all the flesh below it's lower incisors - healing but slowly) - what could possibly have led to that? Acromegaly is all I can think of); or I take their lives lightly (I do prioritize dogs and cats over rats, birds and wild animals).

In the morning i saw another rat had died too in the garden. She had very thick pus oozing from her intestines. What in the world is happening??

This last solar storm has been terrible but there's one due the day after tomorrow. If rats living underground show so many solar radiation effects, how much worse for overground animals.

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