Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Spleen and diabetes

So the spleen doesn't clean the blood in diabetes. Can't recall where I read it for a link, but this explains the swollen spleen in so many dogs and cats.

Burp was drawing so much energy on the lower left ribs a week ago (can't recall the remedy but try paeonia because he drew it all week or Bryonia or squilla) with the 'infected' pricking vibration that I thought worms in the small intestine, then pancreas but forgot it could be spleen!

Now, 12 days from the solar cycle start, 31/1, he drew energy again in that region but the pain was in my jaw joint and ears. So media otitis is splenic! All the pus and mucus around the bones of the head are from an inflamed spleen.

Revelation to me. So rhinitis, sinus issues ear nose jaw teeth probably even scalp sensitivity at the sun's 12th day must be healed by treating the spleen to clean the blood. With plant & animal remedies.

My nose has been blocked alternately for almost 5 days without a cold but would release suddenly allowing me very clear breathing. spleen again maybe.

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