Monday, February 20, 2017

Kenchu's guide

Today I saw Kenchu's guide on the prana-breathing guide's lap for the first time!

At first I didn't recognise the animal, just that it was licking his face in a dog-like manner. Turns out it was a seal.

It makes sense. The seal said she was protecting Kenchu with the black skin and he needed cold energy to flow up the spine not hot. Sweetly apt when you think of the oily shiny black of the seal skin and the barking which is so dog-like!:)

They live on ice and I've been wrapping him up warm which must be wrong. I've been reading up on implosion and how cool/cold preserves and heals while warmth putrifies. I'll stop the swaddling.

She even had this enthusiastic yes that rotated her entire neck and head.

There was this white landscape that I assume was Siberia or some snowy, icy place that they showed me that I didn't completely get - heal the endocrinal issues using white light maybe?

That was all the message was from the healing guides regarding healing my acromegalous friend.

I told her to take care of the seals (images of seal babies clubbed and circus-sea world performing seals kept flashing in my mind, destroying my concentration) and she said she would.

More power to them!

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