Monday, February 13, 2017

Direction of cure in paralysis?

This removing of paralysis is a long drawn-out thing.

The energy seems to heal the legs on the first few days of the solar month. Root chakra.

Then it rises, lifting up the energy of the whole animal so that it's stronger until the middle of the month when it reaches the head chakras.

Then the problems begin! It seems to get stuck there not finding the neural/energy pathway back down the front.

The first problem seems to be fevers - brain fever and neuroimmune fevers.

If that isn't solved then a kind of madness - irritability, grumpiness, desire to fight. Forehead chakra probably. The legs fire all wrong at this point.

Then when it hits the throat chakra wrong, digestion goes for a whack.

The heart chakra wrong means anxiety and fear and demands for attention. Whining, mournful howls.

Then it usually dissipates at the solar plexus into real desires, assimilated, or gets accumulated in a disaster for the spleen and liver. So bloating and all kinds of perverted bile and fluids.

By the sacral chakra it's usually already totally wasted and this level is worm and parasite hell.

When we're back to the root for a new start.

if this process repeats with slight changes to the highest chakras, the paralysis slowly improves for the better at the front chakras, which means the toxins are clearing out.

It's all upside down and sun-related. Every setback is from high level winds or solar storm a few days *before* the wind hits earth.

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