Saturday, January 14, 2017

Why did it have to be diabetes

The two diseases I've been most contemptuous of, and afraid of, and consistently ignored as much as possible, have been diabetes and cancer.
Both are related (cancer=tb+diabetes) and diabetes especially I've felt was completely faked (I'd ask people,"what do you mean by 'sugar problem'? Everything has sugar!":).

I've been afraid of their energy stealing ways - they're black holes of endless acquisition, these begging, pleading, demanding, violating, grabbing, sucking swamps of neediness.

Most of my disdain for diabetics stemmed from their emotional histrionics, the inconsistent eating and gluttony, their laziness and claims of fatigue as soon as work is mentioned, their cunning and bossy manipulation from mental laziness, stubbornness, so many many things! They're the cynics, the sceptics, realists and will squash you just for kicks.

So this is karma. All my beloved animals' suffering being diabetic! That I have to figure out how to heal them in their various stages in it. I should have suspected it long ago seeing how common it was in humans.

Insulin might have been possible for a few but the guides say it holds back healing and prevents it.

How I wish it was unique to humans! But no, I have to learn yet again clashing with sceps, emos and their ilk how this is healed in my animals.

I'm so blank about diabetes. Mostly because of all the contradictory stuff out there. For example, I don't know what they should eat even - fats and greens or proteins and carbs.:)

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