Wednesday, January 4, 2017

This old dog

It's gas gangrene. I knew I'd smelt that ammoniacal odor somewhere before.

Being non medical means it had to come to me in my sleep just before waking. That's why my guides say I won't be able to heal her, but they don't want euthanasia, vets or shelters. So I'm it until the bitter painful end.:(

The dog is eating well and drinking lots of water. Drew Graphites 30 then loads of Vanadium 3 yesterday and now Ars alb cm.

Ars is such a terrifying euthanasia remedy that I don't touch it. I think though that the distance is key - he's drawing it at 5 feet away and I shouldn't close the distance or it could act to shut down systems.

The uncontrollable shivering is part of the nerve death that goes with gas in tissues I guess, like the divers "bends".

I just need the courage to face the next few days with this poor creature and ease it's passing (chances of recovery are remote - one leg has already got inflamed and tissue death is deep. The lungs look hepatized and the liver is overloaded.

I'm just going to keep trying because, with the guides, there's always a chance they'll turn it around like they did with Tipu, Kenchu, Icy and Rani.

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