Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The Solar Plexus inflection point of Life

The solar plexus and heart are transformative for health. I'll cover this in a different way as well about healing it, but energy which is turned back at the heart pools and perverts at the solar inflection point heading back down and out. This unfinished cycle of energy as it is influenced by the sun and light, becomes diabetes.

Most animals die of diabetes, infancy and old age. Distemper and FIP (feline infectious peritonitis), HPV, HeLV and every other bullshit name is bullshitting diabetes. Cholera too. Maybe even polio is the paralysis of diabetes from neuritis. Makes me sad.

I made the connection with old fashioned Victorian 'distemper' and diabetes insipidus a few months ago and asked the idiot scep avocado, but he probably doesn't know medical history through historical romances like I do.:p

I know millions of children in the U.K poor houses (Dickens) and gentry died of 'distemper'. Most of the women dying during the labor of childbirth died of diabetic exhaustion.

Vax probably also leads to diabetic complications in animals and humans.

(Just to think that I and my friends have been falling into diabetic comas around 11am and strokes in the sun that no one's recognised, makes me feel faint all over again!!;)

Today I know that sucking of energy I feel around diabetics like K & A and so many others who drain me. I feel it around sceps. I told J she needs a check up and to start homeopathy for diabetes if she's not getting on insulin.

J. gets so bad sometimes that I can't wake her up with repeated phone calls! I've told her to keep sugar and water beside her while lying down to nap in the forenoon. I'm so afraid for her because she's alone until the evening at home. She barely can rose herself to pick up the phone. K too, but at least she's on insulin, protected from the extremes during CME to geomagnetic.

Every problem with the solar plexus varies with the sun. That's why tests don't always catch the pre diabetics and infants and all the versions of it.

This is one half of all human disease. The other half is of the ajna.

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