Friday, January 13, 2017

The only way to heal oneself

One of the truths of healing is that you can only heal by giving. It took me a long time to understand why.

I've seen very sick animals give away their food, nourishment that they desperately need, to bigger and stronger animals and it would make me despair. No matter how much food I'd save for the sick ones they'd share it out. Dogs and cats especially make a big production of it, it's almost ceremonial and they look sheepish when I break it up rudely and impatiently.

But I myself healed with giving. People would mock and get annoyed when I'd drag myself it of bed and go to feed street dogs, but it healed me like nothing else. Nothing seemed more important to me at that time either than making sure a few animals were fed before I ate, before I forgot from a full stomach what hunger felt like.

This giving seems to clear the heart chakra and get energy flowing like nothing else does. The great chakra is the fulcrum balancing the three upper and three lower chakras. It might even connect the two brains - the solar plexus and the forehead through it's nerve impulses. Something produced by the thymus is a match to the pineal gland though I cammy recall what (I've posted it before).

Perhaps this is what diabetics and sceps miss which is why they're sicker than normal people. I've seen sceps never share either knowledge or approval. Diabetics are emotional and prone to misunderstandings. Everything has to flow to them and go no further. That only makes the flow of energy stop. If they give away amd share, say a half if what they earn or eat or think they'd feel and heal better.:)

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