Monday, January 23, 2017

The gangrene of diabetes

The gangrene of diabetes is painless. To the bone. This is unbelievable until you realise that the sciatica & neuritis has killed all the nerves into the flesh from the spine itself.

So after the gangrene heals, the next job must be rebuilding the nerves from the spine.

To do that you have to heal the back enough to allow them some motion in the spinal area. 
To heal the spine we have to start at the crown chakra probably. Yesterday Sambucus nigra 1m was drawn there. The guides say he can be healed and will live and the remedy for cure will be plant or animal. I want to believe them, that he'll live, that I won't screw up... badly.

All kinds of errors in judgement are mistakes I've made before. Vets have explained it all wrong, making the gangrene the most important issue when it's the least. New cells come up and the healing leaves the legs in better shape than ever, except without the spinal strength, the body can't use those legs.

The legs resemble those of a polio patient, no flex only, extensor function. Makes me suspect that's what polio is - partial type 1 diabetes in kids. Sad that it has so many forms that they're ruining lives creating unnecessary, polluting vaccines for the same one disease.

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