Monday, January 23, 2017

Something amazing

I've never seen a dog or cat with gangrene heal before. But this old guy has.

After I had several full blown panic attacks, talked to several vet surgeons and animal lovers about gangrene and euthanasia, he recovered with Epsom salt washes, a couple of drops of Argent nit on the deepest tissue damage on the paralyzed limbs, prana, Reiki, hpathy. Bechamp and Enderlein justified then.

He drank loads of water initially like any diabetic, now less.

During the worst of it, the guides said no to cleaning his body with baking soda (which I thought would help kidneys for some reason), only a drop of dettol in lots of mag sulph, not mag chlor (as I thought). Even that just a surface swabbing.

He dropped many tapeworm segments in his faeces which changed colour and texture everyday.

Hepar on his bones and Vanadium 3 on his legs healed fastest. Arnica cm healed quickly around his penile gangrene, but hasn't been drawn again. A chipped hip bone is still healing and the mottled patches up from his penis to his solar plexus are still there. I realised that the urine is some toxic sugary mix that's attractive to bacteria where it splashes, but he doesn't want me cleaning it up - he probably feels chilled. I help him sit up and he cleans himself while I drip a few drops of dilute Epsom salt on it.

So I'm thinking it must have been an aggravation or clearing out. I've given him the Uran twice since in this solar cycle with the others, but a few days to go to see the effect (if it's an aggravation or not).

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