Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Solar remedies for healing diabetes: 1. Nat mur 3

I've decided to make a list of all the solar remedies I've been using, how and why I think diabetes is related to the sun, for twitter. That idiotic 140 limit makes it difficult to put it clearly. But sharing is what the guides are up for again.

The first and best remedy to start seems to be nat mur. Both Bashir and Ojas have covered this on account of it's effect on shock and PTSD. It works all the way back to the shock of birth (another day!:) but especially the shock and trauma to the flesh by the sun.

The 3x brought out continuous tremors and shivering in the old rescue male which lasted for a few days (2 weeks almost from the one time I healed with it after I brought him home). Today I noticed his tremors had stopped. I put Nat mur 12 Biochem on Icy''s water amd he puked water up for 3 days straight making me fear for his life. Keeping those two in mind, go slow.

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