Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Scep girl got me thinking

The last two days that scep psychiatrist girl's cheek has been popping into my mind making me smile. Other than a doff of the hat to science by mentioning parasympathetic and sympathetic (which is useful to alts, not cons:) she talks of Qi with gay abandon. Lol, poor kid round pegged among scep squares!

This made the light bulb glow on alts going the other way. Recently reading Brandon Bays I was struck by how she'd worded everything for the most benign reading of Guidance and God.

It was always "that intelligence that makes my heart beat" and "inner voice", "a feeling", etc.

No scep reading her work would be able to object to it -

Every bloody time I say "dem guides dey vant me to ..." I risk being committed to a mental asylum and a strait jacket.:)

Yet she's talking the same thing. Both of them are. Western white women seem to have developed a defense mechanism against hurt and rejection by the savage white male: they meek-en their feminine voice and challenge nothing so they don't burn as witches.

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