Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Pineal gland stuff for sceps

"When the Pineal gland gets calcified, it would probably make people more set in their ways. It could also reduce cravings for proper antidotes to fix metabolism issues. It is a sensor and signaler of what is happening within the body, converting proper electrical signals to chemical signals to stimulate other functions." (1)

The best example of this I can think of is the dog who knows he's doing wrong but every attempt by him to correct himself leads to him being more of the same thing - more wrong just more vigorously.

Sceps are the same. Any attempt to self-correct and the life force hits the block harder and accentuates the evil they do making them go at it MORE not less. They're hopeless.:)

1. http://www.lucidawakenings.net/t/mysteries-of-the-pineal-gland-ignored-by-mainstream-science-and-research/466/2
Two on twitter talked of pineal gland cleansing with iodine, which seems possible because if chloride and fluoride in water calcifies it, iodine should replace them as a heavier halogen.

Only one says it can't be decalcified but only slowed. I'm not sure about this because all yoga and new age depend on it being possible!:) But G. & other narc survivors believe it to be impossible, and I've seen how resistant it is to change in Gunda, x, family and have to accept that it might be impossible.

Pineal and Thymus hormones are similar

This next article is about an overlap in signalling. I just liked how it sounded (2) and wanted to save the article.

There's a similarity in how they both atrophy with age. Especially in sceps.

2. Aging - pineal and thymus

@readyornotfory2 #Food2Avoid for #MentalHealth Spicy Rajas like garlic & onion are #Brain Synchronization Destroyers
Other lym organ. 
Thymus gland
peyer's patches

Famale :
-pineal gland

(Some scep healing ideas in the net I started 6 months ago but didn't complete because poor the rash of blocks that killed communication - their blocks.:)

Only Sceps with cancer should probably try this. I was looking for pleomorphism on Twitter. This interesting sales site came up.

The problem is giving up all cooked food, alcohol, tea, coffee! haha, sceps would rather die.:)

There are a few


how to keep from cancer:
 Make sure the blood pH stays in the narrow 7.3 pH margin by testing your saliva and urine pH regularly
 Make sure you get enough vitamins and minerals (non synthetic)
 Detox and Cleanse
 Eat mostly raw, organic fruit and vegetables (thoroughly washed)
 Get more oxygen (exercise and deep breathing) 

Acid forming foods are:
Alcohol, Coffee, Tea, all Soft drinks, pasturized milk 
All grains, flours, cornstarch, pasta 
All sugars 
Cooked eggs, cooked meats and cooked fish 
All Artificial Sweeteners
What do all these foods have in common: They are all refined or processed (cooked) foods or can't be eaten raw!

A short summary:

 If the body can't get rid of the acids, it stores them 
 Tissue spaces go acidic over time 
 Blood compensates and will go alkaline 
 Potassium and Magnesium are lost and excreted 
 Sodium is retained 
 Calcium goes into blood

 A natural, fully raw diet consisting mostly of raw, organic fruits and vegetables
 A thorough detox and cleansing including pure, filtered water
 A powerful multi-vitamin, multi-mineral supplement. 
    Never take synthetic vitamins or minerals. 
 Use of energy medicine to kill the critters such as Rife, Hulda Clark or the Bob Beck protocol 
 Use of energy medicine to improve the condition in your body
 Soda bicarb of Simonicci protocol

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