Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Old guy now paraplegic

Yesterday morning my prana-recovered old guy was paralyzed (paraplegia). He was bumped by a corncob cart in a careless moment. I heard him cry and saw it from a distance the day before. But I thought nothing of it since he was just sitting there and the cart guy was always around. The shock of that set up the paralysis by the next morning, unfortunately. 16 hard years of living on the road, so it was bound to happen, but I didn't see it coming.

He's fed partially by Rita I recently found out. I persuaded her and the whole street to let him stay and to care for him right there whether he lives or dies, from the Ayyapan priests to the ladies. By afternoon he'd gotten back enough movement in his spine to lift himself up on his forelegs with Sambucus (which was all I had with me). But it was to no avail.

Rita and SSR picked the old guy up by 4 pm and deposited him in a shelter, CARE. The vets there have said he's got some osteoporosis and they'll do what they can. I just hope they don't persuade Rita to euthanize. Sudha, who owns it, started off being very compassionate.

All for the best, I suppose. I have too much anxiety associated with caring for paraplegic dogs on the street in Vngr, where ppl change their minds in seconds, along with one currently at home that needs attention.

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