Monday, January 9, 2017

Moon worship for healing

Breathing connects the ajna to the solar plexus, the male and female, the sun and moon.

The solar plexus is the male energy and the sun is related to it's power. The heart is the inflection point - if you can love wholeheartedly you'll probably never get sick. By inflection point, I mean that the over-development of this male energy blocks its flow to the heart chakra and turns out back around to sexual gratification and reconnects to the earth by amassing wealth and influence. It never reaches the heart.

The heart and thymus has a similar secretion profile as the pineal gland. (red)

We should worship the moon. (At least men should worship the moon and women the sun so we can live free of each other!:)

My feeling is that low potency of *plant remedies* is of the new moon and high of the full moon. Potency may entirely be is moon related, not sure about that.

The elements and minerals however are strongly linked to the solar cycle though I've seen no preference for potency among them. Most are drawn in very low potencies (3, 6, 12,:30) in the nutritive range.

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