Wednesday, January 11, 2017

How two homeopaths see diabetes

I like two lists on diabetes: one by ojas and the other by Bashir. (Bashir's list I found in Feb thanks to a scep as usual throwing a hissy fit over it.:)

I haven't been able to get any real diabetic to try either despite all pressure because they're sick of meds, stubborn and stressed. But animals draw all these remedies at 3x,9 all at the same time not as per protocol, and I've given it a few days a month for 3 months. They improved appreciably but were not cured. By that time I was into solar remedies and did not follow up, not realising diabetes was connected to the sun.

The ojas list I saw a couple of weeks ago and was very excited to find Uran on it! I'm going to compare how both view diabetes from their protocols for fun and learning.:)

Bashir's protocol for diabetes:
TDS, each for a week, first Q (tincture) then 3x, 6x.
(1) Acidum Phosphoricum Q (2) Gymnema sylvestra Q (3) Magnesia sulphurica Q (4) Sanicula Q (5) Murex purpurea Q (6) Acidum Picricum Q (7) Calcarea Phosphorica Q (8) Syzygium Jambos Q (9) Argentum metallicum Q (10) Arsenicum Bromatum Q (11) Iodium Q - (12)
Once monthly: Nat mur, thuja, syphilinum, bacillinum

Diabetea ojas -
Curare - Insulinum - Uranium Nitricum - Phosphoricum Acidum - Lacticum Acidum - Natrium Muriaticum - Chionanthus Virginica - Ferrum Iodatum - Grindelia robusta

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