Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Everything is diabetes then?:)

So all disease so far appears to be diabetes of the solar plexus chakra of one form, stage and/or state or another. All physical disease anyway. There's a nutritive phase for this and a cleansing one in the solar cycle.

These appear to be what we are healing with low potency and gross doses.

Mental diseases are of the ajna or forehead chakra. These diseases appear to take the form of scepticism, narcissism, withholding for power, being outraged on principle, doing one's duty (instead of more spontaneous and uncalculated emotional-mental risk) & superiority (real & perceived:). High potentists are healing this with homeopathy which requires greater skill.

It's maturity too because it's aging. Aging well in terms of grounding and poorly in other areas like empathy. What is the mechanism? I need to look into it but right now the physical SP disease should be my focus.

Once (or twice?) a solar month our nerve-brain control switches from ajna to sp/heart chakra.  Maybe the sympathetic nervous system and parasympathetic ns take over some of the autonomous functions giving it rest? Even cleansing it, because during the switch, our will power takes over - habits reinforce, indulgences deepen, we decide between life and death in what we do.

The universal prayer "Not my will but thine" might be just a relaxing and restful solar plexus stance that allows healing. A 'letting go and letting God' would probably heal during this change. It's around the 6th day in the solar cycle and the switch back on the 18th.

Every 12 days, up the spine from SP/Heart then down the front to it: Then down the spine and up the back again to sp/heart. Probably a maintenance cycle.:)

But this is the time that dogs and cats with a weak solar plexus overindulge and those with a strong will impose it in others. Balance is very difficult. Humans too are divided into victims and aggressors during this shift. The material accumulation needs to be processed and discarded or assimilated at the next shift up or you end up poisoning yourself. The bad blood of diabetics, the poor liver and kidneys and shock is renewed every solar cycle.

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