Monday, January 9, 2017

Area to heal for gas gangrene

I feel like a glorified secretary to the guides sometimes.

Ok, gas gangrene or the wet form is a lung insufficiency and a circulation problem. The lungs don't exchange prana oxygen etc right so nitrogen is depositing at the extremes of the capillaries and so widespread destruction. The ammoniacal smell is from that.
This unprana'd blood is destructive to heart tissue. That's what kills the dogs esp after accidents and injury.

The nitrogen cycle should be of the kidneys? They're saying liver. (Let's check on the net.;)
The area to heal is (with ammonia mur) from below the shoulder blades to the middle of the rib cage. This is because the spine is hungry for prana and blood is made in it (the bone & nerves?). Anyway that's what they're saying.

I'm wiping the area down with Magnesium Sulph (Epsom) though I can't see how it will help, the guides are insisting. He's worse in that there are now flat pus rings all over his epigastric area though his affected leg has almost healed. No sign of maggots yet. But I don't know HOW he can get better!:(

But unlike the dogs I've seen dying from this kind of gangrene, he's as quiet and still and at peace as Sakare, Rocky's old friend who died of the same. It wasn't the deep tissue gangrene following a broken spine that killed him - it was a heart attack. So the guides are probably right that the gas in the blood is destructive of heart tissues at the end. How can it be healed? Through healing the spine? the digestive system? Kidneys?

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