Saturday, December 24, 2016

Upper immunity

So our tonsils enable us to make antibodies to external bacteria and microbes.

Lips too somehow (when I had that brief tomato allergy my lips would swell to an Angelina jolie extreme!;) Our lips may easily be our health marker - most features we consider 'beautiful' are just subconscious disease-free states we look for and are drawn to.

When I have the niruri mold, I have a tongue reaction first. My taste is enhanced and trigger saliva or not; a tonsils reaction almost within a half hour which swells my throat like a sore throat which subsides and leaves my lips feeling cool. If the reaction is stronger, my esophagus is cool too after.

Yesterday my throat developed a reflex cough as well.

And somehow gut bacteria dominate human cells.(1) How this happens and why may have to do with our prana.


Another prana detail

"Exhale only love" -Rumi

Another reason I'm pretty sure prana is gut bacteria breathing is my strange illness.

It began, not directly from Uran, but when I did about 20 'prana breaths in a row. It set off a cramp that went beyond just the abdominal muscles - through the entire cavity, the walls everything including the fluid. And the purge.

I've had something similar but milder happen while healing cancer patients and dying animals who draw a huge amount of energy to transition (not everyone needs that much to go).

Even healing this little paralysed old dog (male as it turns out) makes me cramp up so much I need to run to the loo. I probably use more than Reiki and delve into my own supply from the primitive gut microbes.

So the guides have corrected my error! Now I can build it up so that I don't run out while healing.

Easy to say. I just realised that it's the same as the anxiety we get when we have stage fright or a panic attack. The same thing that gets kids to run away from school. When you need the loo before you go out to a party.:)

Doing ok

I'm doing more this winter than ever before. It is milder than most, and the animals are more stable and I seem to have more energy. I'm up to around 200 animals all in.

Still hibernation sleep seems to be 8 hrs, I'm sleepy at sunset and I'm up at night. The animals on the other hand are active from sunset and are waiting in the cold of the morning instead of sleeping. This is going to be a problem soon, as the Jan chill takes effect.

I hope I can keep going though. I'm missing a mealtime every alternate day almost. They're missing every CME and geomagnetic storm day. Except for the very old this it's usually not so catastrophic. They'll have multiple sources even if I'm delivering their main meal.

Paralysed dog contd. (Small Success!:)

For the old lady (guy it turns out, but a very pretty face:), picking up from where I left off:

1. Thuja 30 a few days ago then nothing until yesterday when it started drawing the Spongia-eup perf-rock rose-heather combo (20/Dec).

2. next Conium 10m which was so strongly drawn I thought for suicide! Cann sat I think once. Ruta 10m, Lactic acid 12 and one more I can't recall.

3.Then (21/12) the Streptococcin 1M, the isopathic remedy no dog has ever drawn before! It worked in the underside of the ribs at the apex of the lungs. A lot of other dogs drew it as well on the day of the solar wind making the geomagnetic rise to G2 skipping G1 levels! I should look into it next time.

4. After a few dull remedies which made me doubt the sanity of letting guides pick remedies, Rhus tox high, 10m (22 Dec). Drew it on the forehead too! At 4:30 am, the dog called to me and I gave it again. It drew the remedy deep into the brain on the right side where the bum leg lays out stiff.

Today (23/12), it drew streptococcin again at the tip of its nose lightly but long. He hadn't eaten in 2 days so I was thrilled when he sipped a little milk.

For the first time too he let me turn him on his side!

In the afternoon, the guides wanted me to give all the animals the Rad brom 30- Uran 3-Iod 3-phos 6 combo of the last time. I gave him a sniff (in case he left off eating again and didn't get the general dose).

I noticed he was using his forepaws to clean his face and lick it off for the first time. He had no dexterity (or movement) in his shoulder blades before.

After seeing that I wanted to fuss over him and the guides oked the castor oil that they love so much over petroleum jelly (when did their preference change back?:) or other oils.

I was rubbing him down on his chest when Voilà! his stiff bum leg began to scratch in time!  it must have been a long dead reflex and have hurt, because when I did the rubbing about 20 times to get the reflex (very excited!) he got irritated and wanted to bite me.:)

He sat up from the lying down position all by himself. And now amazingly he's just licked himself all over his side and stomach, able to curve his spine! Even reach his penis which is so necessary for their urinary cleanliness.

What's more, what gives me the greatest hope is that he can pant!!

He's had small markers of improvement before: came out of the coma like sleeps he'd fall into and became alert faster, panted once for 3 mins 4 days ago, stopped shivering (bone deep chills, hypothermia) at night as deeply or as continuously, able to lift his head off the ground without my help, etc. But it's sped up! Now if I only don't ruin it with anxiety and/or excessive enthusiasm, I think he's in the road to a recovery (of sorts! maybe paralysis won't let up but at least if he can drag himself around a few years without gangrene setting in I'll be grateful).

I've never seen homeopathy work so fast before. It's the prana breathing that's making a difference.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Prana makes us more like plants?

One detail I keep forgetting to blog that my guides thought was important is that Prana might be an exudate of gut bacteria. So we might be more like trees than we realize.:)

The reason this came up was that I noticed that my hands are more sensitive early in the morning as i wake and healing is faster and clearer. Perhaps a resting abdomen breathes deeper. Much like prana increases after pranayama and meditation, even slow walking (Zen).

So maybe our gut flora esp fungi do what the trees' root fungal network do at night - build a life-giving aether or oxygen-like thicker magnetic exudate.

More later.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

New years resolution already!

Konmari-ing has shown me that I am mad about homeopathy.

I've got countable numbers of most things - clothes, books, papers and komodo. But my remedies, nutritional supplements and allopathy med chest are out of control!

I'm buying new meds all the time, sometimes even ones I've forgotten I have. This has got to stop before my shelves crack from the load!

Also, I want to place the existing ones into the solar chart. When do they trigger? Esp the plant remedies which fall into a good pattern in the moon cycle. They're very difficult to place in the sun cycle.

My guides were right in pointing out that they'd survive me if I'm not careful. That alone terrifies me. When I die there should be nothing to remind my family of me, no cleaning crisis of heart breaking proportions, no tears. I want to be quickly forgotten. Can't have them suffering over my homeopathic vials!

I'm calculating that in a year I can finish most of them if I use them at the rate of 21/week. So that's my immediate goal for this new years. Come 2018, I should have only a few remedies that I can use up within the month. No accumulation!


I seem to need more sleep in the winter despite the mostly  sunny days.

I'm sleeping 6-8 hours on the sunny ones and maybe upto 10 on the cloudy dull ones.

It just struck me that I could factor it in instead if fighting it every day. I'll just take an hour out of twitter or chatting on the phone.