Friday, November 18, 2016

My strange illness (contd)

In the weird delirium that occasionally accompanies stomach/abdominal fever, I had a weird vision.

Docs always associate delirium with the brain because for them the mind is the brain, but most madness is of the lower chakras, esp inflammation-driven, gut activated, unassimilated frenzies; 70% of our mind is in the gut.

Time seemed to telescope in like I was looking back at my life from the end of it. And all I could see was a hungry dog waiting and that made me sad -  for me. That shouldn't only be how I remember this interesting lifetime.

I wished then that I'd not focussed so much, given up on things, konmari'd everything else so much,  preserved the diversity of friend and family more, of party and play, a little  travel and trek. I did outgrow them all, but just sayin'.:)

We really lose sight of balance until we see our memories in perspective, especially the last view of it from the gut.

Though I'm as likely to think of memory as preserved in the brain like any science person, more and more I see the division of all those functions across the body. Maybe loss of gut microbes and their diversity does affect memory. Maybe *the feelings* associated with memory? That's the part that seems to get faked. I see a lot of older people retell stories of their lives very differently, with effortless spin that the young need to lie to imitate.:)

People change with thyroid issues, diabetes, cancer and tuberculosis, long before those are diagnosed. The change may begin with shocks, trauma, change of food, weather, place (culture shock) and the sun.

I change just before and after an abdominal illness. Just before, I'm so tired of the routine and just going through the motions. After my illness I bounce with energy and ideas, it's like joie de vivre flows in abundance. The same routine seems so satisfyingly full and joyful.

That can't be unique to me, it must be restorative to mental health to purge and cleanse. (If the doctors will let you!:) It must give you time to assimilate memories and emotions, that you've expended time on, into the gut that give you a sense of self, a feeling of worth and a reassessment of value of what you do. Really reach the root chakra.

Maybe that's what fevers are for. Some kind of hightened awareness and not the usual drivel about infection. It's a time to be aware of all the places you've stored bad memories, which comes up in our dreams & delirium, and clean out.

Maybe we should even listen to the delirium and hear its message, loosen up or tighten up accordingly. It's as close to madness as we can safely get, and there's genius in it.

The high hits

Could have been the ddos attacks rather than the word uranium? Just glad it's back to dependable numbers.

Poor crows

When I see the wierd tumours on the crows, it's heartbreaking. This morning one with a huge growth on the pad of it's claw. Yesterday with an overgrown upper beak hooking so far down, it could barely pick up food.

Three years ago the crow with a tumour inside its jaw which wouldn't let it close it's mouth. Just starved despite liquid food and all attempts to correct it with homeopathy. (If you're thinking surgery I couldn't find a bird vet and dog/cat vets have killed plenty of birds with anaesthesia. And the trauma of catching, caging, transporting, surgical errors vs a peaceful death with it's flock, etc.)

Three years ago all the crows disappeared for 6 months or more. I have it on this blog. Many of these tumour bearing ones at that time too.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The diabetics I know (and their minds)

I know two diabetics well. A, one of those extraordinary intelligences that makes you proud to know such a mind. And K, a good heart all twisted up and tangled with solar plexus issues.

Both are on insulin. Heavily. A. eats what he likes and shoots up the required antidote quantity and now has vast knowledge of vitamins and minerals that he downs like food. K eats her traditional diet and does any and all natural remedy cures that she can find.

Both are losing their memory and their capacity for clear thinking. A. can lose track of a conversation these days and head off on a random tangent and K simply can't focus.

Both are overly emotional too. A. gets worked up and K periodically gets depressed and high in turns.

But diabetes is so complex that there's nothing easy one can suggest. They're very cynical of cure anyway so everything goes in one ear and out the other. Can't blame them.

A. I introduced to magnesium oil therapy and he's always been grateful since. K breezed past the magnesium and is now officially a yawn student.

(Yes, one more taught that! I could start a school at this rate.;)

So the main loss seems to be memory, gut memory most likely.

There are two diabetic shopkeepers can't calculate a cig pack-1 cig. Even with a calculator. Diabetes is pathetic and very compromising.

They scavenge energy from around them. When I'm around A., he can talk till I fall asleep on him, and still be talking when I wake up. With K I get dizzy and drained as she jumps from topic to topic in great busyness. A. won't let me look away, K won't catch my eye.

The problem is, that they've been like this from childhood. It's what we call 'personality' - the emotions, the thoughts, the physical are enmeshed and steel-plated by the time the islets quit for the last time and  insulin production drops. How do you tell an emotional 'personality' that THAT is the part of the disease that took 40 years to finally hit the endocrine system? It was there in their reaction to shocks, always in their outbursts, their suspicions and sadness. Adult diabetes is PTSD at it's core.

K's teeth have gone yellow from candida. Arun has neuritis. My friend, J, won't get herself tested but I know she's developing diabetes from how she drains me. There are days I can't have a conversation with her without her pointing to squirrels and trees and sky, completely unable to focus. It's sad because she has such a fine mind. Now she can't meditate more than 5 mins.

When I talked to her about PTSD and her need to test, she brought up an interesting point about the adrenals being affected, the fight/flight/fright response. Just as chronic stress in their lives lets up, the body switches on the diabetes. The adrenals are connected to the survival instincts of the root chakra, so it makes sense that it lets go of old energy upward to the next two chakras when it can't push it out.

Maybe that's where Uran nit comes in. But the purge is too frightening to suggest the remedy to any diabetic.

Sunday, November 13, 2016


Xray. Finally bought it! The 6x is drawn strongly. Sometimes I waste so much money trying to pin down potency. Scilla has evaded me for years until I cashed up and bought the 10m,  50m and cm and now it works beautifully for geo mag storms.

More characteristics of uranium nit

Many of these may sound depressing. (oh damn, I just found out how to link URLs on blogaway ... as usual serendipitously.:)

The thing with energy work is that life does feed on life, so our healing can go either way. There's no defeating death except by cheating life and the consequences alter us forever. We are no longer who we were before we took that step. And that's alright with allopathic users and their families who bear the brunt of the emotional, mental and physical changes of both disease and medicine. To each their own poison, yes?

The importance of Bechamp

Uranium nit is amazing because it corrects the life force in the direction of health in diabetes 1 & 2.

The changes of that disease begin in eye tissue. Maybe light, sunlight specifically, is the first trigger for good digestive health? Sun eaters certainly think so.:) if eye tissue and it's surrounding nerves and blood don't form properly, sugar isn't digested and diabetes results?

Uranium brought out a pus like secretion from my eyes a few days ago. I remember years when I was photosensitive and would wear shades (they looked so cool too!:) and my guides made me give them up. They didn't care that I suffered and teared up and had dust allergies riding. It was sunlight they didn't want me to avoid.

Maybe if you avoid natural light for years you get adult diabetes. And vice versa: diabetics can't digest sunlight.

I meant to write about Icy whose eye tissues are still red and inflamed. He couldn't even digest water when he was sick!

The nerves of his entire body was inflamed as it is during solar events for everyone. The geomagnetic storm is just the reverse of it to restore balance.

But it can kill if we rush the process with high potency, stress (shocks, accidents) and in older animals. Bakery black melted skin down, and it could only be the uranium.:(

Icy, bless the tough nut, is slowly recovering after nearly 24 days. So a full solar cycle for older dogs and very low potency for the depth of healing to be safe? I'm still confused about potencies ... I'm in a fever of uncertainty about using uranium again too.

Stannum storms

Scilla and Stannum are related too. They're pre magnetic storm remedies at the solar plexus (front).

My ignorance about plants

I'm so backlogged on one line unfinished posts! I'm just going to dump them today and finish them in my more later way.:)

So a small development, the guides still seem to want me to starve to death.

I find they don't like HOW I do anything with plants. Plucking greens is their new detailing.  I'm supposed to just pick the tip not chop the stem like I've  doing. I've done this pinching off (as per guides the best way to eat) 3 times now and the plants at least look very happy that I'm not mutilating them!

But it takes a lot of time to get enough to eat, and I'm not sure how to go with vines, and once I take enough to cook I've been making soups and fried greens which don't taste like anything decent (complex, rich Indian food has spoilt me:).

I'm hungry all the time again.

Old healed cases

6 years ago when I was still new to single-remedy classical homeopathy, I started this blog after two almost miraculous cures:
1. Hekla lava 200 for a twisted and broken white slum dog, that I saw shining and healthy a month later;
2. the other, Carcinosin 10m for a sick, wormy black dog (with white collar neck) that in a week was brimming with health
I started blogging to record all such cases (At that time I didn't realise how rare it would be for me to make such good choices:).

A month ago, I saw Twisty still alive, still shining, proud father of a 3-gen family.

Yesterday to my astonishment I saw my black cancer dog still alive though not so thriving!

Both of them have survived generations of healthier dogs in their areas. A real reminder of the power of good repertory and single doses in extending the life span of animals.

I've since gone all over the place with repeated doses, mixtures, seasonal, moon cycle and now sun cycle with some small success in healing entire groups but nothing spectacular like those single cures.

I no longer cover those areas, (the back-slum dogs, railway line and bmp office area dogs) since my energy has waned as results got more mixed around the end of 2014.

I esp couldn't go there again after the death of oldie from gangrene and the three puppies wet for days in the gutter. Busy road, mother was there whining, nowhere to put them that wasn't also wet & windy or full of hostile humans; I left them finally to die of hypothermia right where they were.... Broke my heart and it's  haunted me since. I'm still not sure what I could have done better except taken them to a different place and left a distraught mother frantic. But weeks of rain with no shelter for nursing puppies a week old is still beyond my capacity to solve, I'm ashamed to say. I still meet her now and then with her surviving puppies from better weather births.

My group healing attempts have always been set back by weather, and the last two years have been nothing less than traumatic for animals, especially births. With a better understanding of what I can give for solar excesses, I might have more heart to go there.

If my solar cycle healing works out, I should start doing those old routes again. But there are 30-40 dogs there. Some on my regular route  will go hungry if I do it. Maybe once or twice a month? Got yo fit them in again somehow.