Saturday, October 15, 2016

The elements of healing

Walter Russell's model of elements

The amazing effectiveness of Uranium nitricum in healing kittens makes this model of the periodic table fascinating. More later!

Completely scat

The guides might be (might always have been) communicating but it's coming in too fast. As dreams, directions, insights, what have you and I'm too scattered to pick up on them. This happens often, with animals and humans as well.;(

Full moon, geomagnetic storms at kp7, 5 cosmic gamma ray bursts in 10 days!

The fungus isn't thriving either. Gamma rays maybe kill it.  Probably from the same cause than.

I see entire ideas that I go,"ah, of course!" and then it slips my mind until it's just forgotten snatches of ideas like "... for Howl's maturity ... what was that?", "I shouldn't forget that amazing dream about ... it's gone already!", etc. With humans it's been "I've been meaning to ask you something ... but I can't recall", and with animals "I'll get you something" before I go off and don't remember the poor cat until 6 hours later.



Every school kid wonders about the noble gases. I've often puzzled about them when I look at the periodic table and wonder why homeopathy doesn't use them. Can't they be activated by the same method as the others?

Raymond brought them to my attention again today! Just might explain what prana is: a magnetically charged noble gas maybe? It's thick on the ground in the morning hours and on the breath! Would explain why Gunda used to fight others to get to my hands during those hours for a healing and rejecting all offers to heal at other times when it's thin in my system.

My hero Mendeleev (1) said: " "...The more I had to think about the nature of the chemical elements, the more I deviated from both the classical notion of primary matter, and the hope to achieve the desired comprehension of the elements of nature study of electrical and optical phenomena, and each time more urgently and more clearly aware that the earlier order or first must get more real than the present one, the notion of "mass" and the «aether»
Dmitry Mendeleyev
And it of course involves the sun! " an element y, crownline "crown" was recorded during a solar eclipse in 1869 in the spectrum of the corona, the discovery of helium on earth gave grounds to consider the real and the existence of a "crown")".

The sun being made of helium fits right into my current study of it. So happy!:)

And cosmic rays as well! So "In general, it is not clear how our world view of the universe could do without the Neutrino Newton! Neutrons (n0Nn) as one of the most common in the universe (the substance of neutron stars and black holes)!"

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Gcat went a little crazy on reaching puberty a few months ago. He chased females with such ferocity that none if the females hung around to figure out what his intentions were! The fate of most unmated creatures who don't get the softly, softly.:)

What's worse, testosterone made him believe he was bigger than he was and he'd choose to fight enormous males. He's a voiceless cat - trauma took away both mew and yowl -- he had no normal vocal warning range to keep males at a distance.

Thus, and with other incredible choices, the silly cat made himself an exile from home.

Everyday he'd sneak in, gobble down as much as he could and run because he was a hunted cat. *Every* male had a bounty on this fugitive's head!

But both size and speed being as incredible as his choices, he's unmarked by the scars of a single fight. (Not one, my little coward makes me proud.:)

Two days ago I realised he'd almost forgotten me. I did some major prana breathing and he sniffed around, recognised his old sleeping place and over a few hours got reoriented to remembering. He's on my lap now for the first time in nearly 3-6 months of a feral life! So glad.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Animal chakras: brachial

Old dogs sit in a peculiar way. They don't relax their upper bodies and they're stiff around the shoulders. This gets extreme during thunderstorms and weather change. Maybe the explanation is the brachial chakra's functioning?(1)

The only problem I have with this idea is that I've seen the heavily encrusted skin between the shoulderblades in many dogs, which makes it the heart or thymus chakra. 'They don't need a 'new' chakra explanation then.

Also in all animals the uptake of energy in the right hip and the exit from the left is just matched by the upper limbs. There are the same g spots in humans.

A good attempt though to find a difference between healing two and four legged creatures. But I'm afraid the Ida and Pingala might just explain it better.

Some bits I liked:

The Brachial chakra is located on either side of the body, in the area of the shoulders.  It is the main energy centre in all animals and links directly to all other chakras. 

It is the centre which relates to animal-human interaction and any healing should always begin at this chakra. 

Animals which have a strong, healthy link with their human companions usually have a vibrant Brachial chakra, as it is the centre where the animal-human bond is formed and carried.

The Bud chakras are found one on each foot (pad, paw, hoof, etc) and one on the skin at the base opening of each ear. They are especially receptive to subtle energy vibrations; for example changes in the weather like a thunderstorm, or even impending, major earth events like an earthquake or hurricane. The Bud chakras located in the feet are often used to source areas of energy in the ground which are beneficial to the animal. When they find these areas they may paw the ground before either laying or rolling on the spot (not to be confused with a dog finding something ‘smelly’ to roll in!). Standing on such an area can also help ground an animal.


Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The fur factor

I put the mucor niruri mix yesterday afternoon on two very itchy dogs and no allergic reaction or anything today.

In fact I expected the blackish glug to make them look bad (one is very white, Icy) but he's gleaming white today where it was applied! Does it fall off when it's done? It might even have reduced a kind of chronic redness but the area is so small I'm not sure. So what's going on?

The niruri is traditionally used for scabies. But usually fresh ground. Maybe this mucor is what happens when it's applied and air dried?

I feel the reduction in dander might be a part of what heals. The mucor eats up the excess skin cells and dandruff.

I'm thinking of adding it to a load of washing next time I have enough! I think I'm using up more niruri than my garden can grow though. I really had to hunt for it this third batch!

Slogging it

I guess the guides are just going to let me stumble around, messing with niruri until hit on the right ways to use it. Like I'm a child discovering the world for the first time. They're bums.

1. Protein rich instead of just niruri: I've done one with ragi.
I added the ferment to ragi ganji which is usually thick and colloidal. In two days it had separated to water and sediment. Come to think of it I should have kept some original aside... anyway very rapid digression of plant protein at least.

2. Consuming it raw. One with drinking it instead of tea: this was powerful stuff, lol! I think this acts like chaga tea. But I've decided that it's not quite necessary to put the dogs through this diarrhoea. Staying it on their food lightly is enough.

3. Then spraying it on animal food: which makes it less sticky the next day, so it processes different from bacteria. But is a superior process.

4. One applying it on the fur of the dog: This I haven't seen much effect of (though mucor is famous for being a hair digesting fungus, yikes, it hasn't ruined fur as yet). I've applied it on my own skin at the same time. It's a little drying but nothing much else that I can see.

5. One where I've added manganese dioxide powder to it. I've been trying to find ways to get manganese in a bioavailable form for animals. I know that nutrient rich mixtures are feed to yeast and then supplied to the poultry industry at exorbitant rates. Fungi like mucor are far superior in digesting nutrients. Again nothing much happened (no spectacular reaction) except the liquid got slightly darker. I've got to try this offer a longer period of time, with more nutrients and then with homeopathy.

So if guides aren't guiding, I've got to grind away like science.,(

Monday, October 10, 2016

... followed by dizziness ...

The gut flora are so weird because it controls the brain through balance?

So, soon after food tasted *so* incredibly good, diarrhoea; and just a few hours after that got better, waves of swimming vertigo!

It happened soon after I prana breathed & Reiki healed the two purring kits, Raja & Rani, for 15 mins. I got up to have a smoke and felt like my forehead chakra kept yanking forward, followed by really crazy tottering around. It was very different from hyperventilation though, more swimmy and wavering with nausea.

I've had this kind of thing happen when I quit sugar and moved to Stevia. At that time it shocked and scared me. This time I'm, like, blasé about it.:)

I'm having iodine tea after almost two weeks and it tastes like swill ... so the enhanced taste isn't indiscriminate! Can't believe I drank this shit for decades.:)

I'll switch back to mucor when I can balance better.

The moral of this story might be to go slow on mucor or it might feel like food poisoning. It works really fast - 2 days is way too fast - it probably clears the decaying matter in the intestines by digesting it (composting it:), but that means diarrhoea for 2 days (for a vegan, not sure if meat eating animals have a less sensitive gut, damned graveyards;).

Maybe even given during the last few days of the solar month? Interestingly mucor is used to remove chromium in one study - maybe heavy metals would leave the system more harmlessly too.

Ragi ganji and mucor

My experiment with putting it into ragi ganji two days ago also shocked me in terms of both speed and appearance after.

Ragi ganji, millet soup, is supposed to be high in protein and iron. It's a colloidal, thick liquid that people drink with salt and buttermilk usually and it's said to be 'cooling' to the system (which is the equivalent to Dr Sebi's alkalinity I think).

Anyway I put a half a cup of my mucor drink in the hot ganji and closed it. In two days I remembered it and looked and it was just a  dark sediment with a clear liquid above! I've never seen the sticky, glutinous ragi ganji do that before - not even with soap!

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Hmm... gut reaction.

Very bad diarrhoea all day. Should have expected it while messing with gut flora!

it could be due to something else entirely: rains again today, cosmic ray yesterday, Merc 30, my friend's cooking.:p

Yesterday food tasted especially good. My friend had made dosas and I gobbled it down with the tomato chutney. Too much maybe.

I'm sometimes allergic to tomato, occasionally my gut gets affected by rains, Merc usually had a gut pull out,  ...  but it might have been the mucor too.