Saturday, September 3, 2016

One more yawner taught!

As per usual, the course material for yawning proved to be too complex and I managed to confuse and put this student to sleep, both! In the 5 mins it takes to teach it!!

I'm outdoing myself. Anyway, I'm glad this guide isn't fussy.

I said what he did,"Just yawn and he'll teach you the rest!" (For some reason this panics people into full alertness - I guess they don't trust or are afraid that they won't be able to learn from a guide?) Do we have one more yawn healer in the world! That's 5 now!

Another rat died

Another rat was struggling to breathe and prana breath seemed to ease it - make dying easier.

I think what it's doing is unifying the chaos of microzyma in the animal and me that radiates as emotion in the aura.

Might explain it.

The Vampires among us

So, I've got to address the other vampirism in all races - other than the unparalleled savagery of the white men and women sceps on Twitter on their own hapless race - it appears to be present in all cultures.

Thieves of Yin
I've always looked at the Muslims of the Middle East as having *protected* India & the Far East from these European  barbarians. Even today, I hope they can stop them there this time as well - hang in there Syria, Yemen, Palestine!

In times of trouble I have often appealed to muslim men for help. More than the average hindu, they are protective, always ready, asking for nothing in return - they'll gift it as a qurbani. They're wonderful people with logic and reason at the core of their culture and fairness. The Syrians above all are the best.

Yet they will most likely treat their own women poorly, putting them down, ignoring them, vampires of feminine energy!

So what is at the core of this energy shortcut? It is definitely a yin vampirism, stealing from women and the girl child. it is probably the geocentric woman especially who is prey.

I like sky's explanation about the moon bring feminine and actually being a second sun but so sucked dry, that it no longer shines except in  reflected glory of male energy!

This is without doubt the best way to describe the loss to our world. It isn't even that the yang sun benefits from this. The sun only kills and maims its own children by taking what isn't it's due. All these diseases and all the earth's suffering is from male energy siphoning and running rampant.

It begins with the mother feeding the male child more energy to survive the many childhood diseases that kill boys before the age of five and leads to over-protective patriarchy that continues the bias when it isn't necessary for the adult.

Privilege renders men useless. They only know to use emotional crutches when they should try to walk. A lifetime of corruption results in the self-involved, narcissist bloodsuckers that I call sceps.

Rats and Phos

The rats are eating matchbox phosphorous strips again pre storm. Interestingly only those that have been used, not unused boxes. Maybe they want the sulphur of match and the burnt phosphorous mix?
Phosphorous 6 is a frequently drawn pre thunderstorm remedy.

The rat that died that I tried to ease with the prana breathing, drew energy mostly above head and along tail, and drew phos 6.

One breath of mine was especially deep and it's entire abdomen seemed to heave and it began to relax & breathe easier.

I had to go out; when I came back it's breathing was harsh & laboured, struggling to die. I did the pb again and it relaxed amd began to breathe normally, lifted it's hind leg to scratch at it's ear and died in a slow clutch. This is the easiest it has been for older rats in a 'natural' death that I've seen. So what might have eased it in the prana?

Microzyma might be in  unsynchronized chaos at the end. Prana breathing might align them right. if this is right then prana is magnetic and just an alignment with the earth!

When we balance the root and crown, it appears to set the stage for ease of passing away.  Then the energy is mainly drawn in the direction life needs to change to acceptance and death (or struggle and life like in the Uran Nitr kitten case).

The breathing difficulty might mean I should have healed the middle as well? Poor little rat, the fleas were jumping onto me. I was afraid I'd start a plague epidemic and so kept my distance. Next time I should heal the middle chakras first.

The minute the body is in harmony, it seemed to merge with me for a second or so.

I think it might be a recognition of sorts between microzyma?

That merging, if it continues, becomes those miraculous healings that first degree Reiki students have. If it ends quickly, like two magnets that spring apart, the healing hasn't happened.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

More yawning students for my guides!

I taught one more friend pranic breathing. She couldn't yawn! Said she hasn't done it for decades, even thought it was a good thing. The older you get yawning seems to be a real problem!

The lack of yawns also coincides with a kind of deep energy neediness (this friend particularly is a black hole of need!:). I hope it fills that yawning hole of emptiness she lives in!

One scary thing was that as we tried mediation after it, the guides kept turning me in her direction! I remembered that they did it for Gunda to let me know he was dying and I got scared for her! It might have been something else of course, now to think of it calmly. Spooked me though.

I'd happily teach people how to yawn all these guides want if, 1) no spooking and 2) yawning people didn't make such funny faces.

They're hilarious! I had a hard time keeping a straight face with my friends. I'd probably crack up with strangers.:)

Possible energy healing for sceps

Cancer being of the root chakra and the bones and skin, it is deeply vampiric and energy hungry, DNA up.

Cancer people draw endlessly in the front and back solar plexus/adrenal (and heart before cancer has full development).

Perhaps the energy going up the Ida is limited or is blocked from going all the way to the forehead? The Pingala seems to be blocked to healing energy waste, but if it functions, may drain usable energy as well, fatiguing the functioning chakras.

The cancer patients I've healed before would draw Reiki in painful amounts, painful to the healer, giving them physical relief, just before they die. But the Reiki also makes them hurt  emotionally and mentally, remembering things they want to forget, things they did or have had done to them which they don't want to forgive, that makes them want you to leave them alone and go away (yet they'll call you back, come looking for you, beg you to heal them again; repeating the cycle!). They hate the healer and the healing as much as they crave it, cynically denigrating it as being done for money, reducing it to a service they can have on demand and not respect. It takes patience and enormous compassion to heal the cancer sufferer, and healers need an inexhaustible supply or damage their own chakras (as I did!). Strange and awful deep, deep disease!

The question is where the energy is blocked, turns around and heads back down. If they can't make it connect and harmonize, they'll grow worse.

The Cancer miasm doesn't mean they'll die of cancer. That's a misconception! They could die of a flu or AIDS or diabetes ... same as anyone else. It's just the latency and persistence of the tendency to collect energy or lose it in a particular fashion! Many live long lives with it.

But the perfectionism of it leaves scars on the brain like the peculiar senilities called Alzheimer's & Parkinson's - forgetfulness &  repetitive action. Presenility with its sudden rage and violence itself might be part of this malfunction of streaming energy.

So back to the questions: The Ida and Pingala being affected may change the way the body uses earth energy. But what about the heavenly/ or inborn/ Sushmana (I'm not sure which it is! Got to read up some yoga sutras for it:)?

If the Sushmana is unaffected then why doesn't Reiki work?

I'm assuming that Reiki is healing the Sushmana here. Maybe it does work but without connecting to Ida or Pingala, it goes without being detected or changing the conscious life of that sentient being.

If that's true for Reiki, then maybe homeopathy works too undetected by the conscious mind. It is possible that people around will see the change that the patient himself is unaware of.

S. comes to mind as a case of this. 30 years of his allergy to various foods and general irritability disappeared for 6 months with a single dose of Pulsatilla 10m in his tea by his mom. He however denied that anything has changed at all for all those months, lol, even though he could see he was eating and drinking all that he couldn't before. Now all his allergies are back and his mom refuses to try again for that 'ungrateful fellow' she says.:)

So if that's true, and the denial is energy-deep, then maybe there's hope that I'm wrong about being unable to help a scep. Maybe they can be healed and will heal though they're in perpetual denial of it!

But in case I'm right, the other scenario is that they're blocked until we finds a way through those blocks.

The possible chakras affected are higher up: from sacral to forehead. The higher the affectation the less the disease blocks the flow.

Is the throat and/or the heart/ solar plexus overblown for most? Or for the intellectual ones, are the sacral and forehead in sync but faulty, constantly rerouting intellectual curiosity into sexual desire?

There seems to be an energy hunger that can't be filled by natural primary means to the solar plexus and sacral (they can't enjoy it and they can't get nutrients from it). Simple foods like carbs will bore them and their jaded taste will baulk at drinking plain water. So they must continue to eat meat, drink alcohol and have perverted complex relationships until balance can be restored at an even higher level chakra.

Prana breathing and yoga might redistribute the energy better. After which maybe homeopathy and Reiki could be effective all the way to their conscious minds.

If the energy system around the heart is messed up like with Gunda, there will be a great deal of cruelty and cunning - the legacy of a closed heart chakra and powerful solar plexus. Acidity and liver problems might point it out?

There should be a way to heal a scep so that they know it, and can benefit fully from it, enjoy it.

The main concerns are that it not be too mentally and emotionally painful; that it won't trigger a cancer cascade and is true, sustainable healing. Without these last three, I won't try it on my animals that are scep.

(Like small animal medicine takes all it's advances from human medical research, I'm finding a few ways to apply what I learn from people to animals.:)

Sunday, August 28, 2016


Between the guides changing my direction from moon to sun, and from homeopathy/Reiki to prana breathing, I'm lost.

Losing Gunda so young was a shock because I expected to have him torment me into old age.:(

The dogs he led are quite rudderless and lost too. I've got none of the bite and edge their days were full of. I don't lead them into hunting rats, cats, other dogs ... a boring alpha overall.

The weaker dogs too miss having the tension of attack or something. There is a lull in the animal world too.