Saturday, December 24, 2016

Upper immunity

So our tonsils enable us to make antibodies to external bacteria and microbes.

Lips too somehow (when I had that brief tomato allergy my lips would swell to an Angelina jolie extreme!;) Our lips may easily be our health marker - most features we consider 'beautiful' are just subconscious disease-free states we look for and are drawn to.

When I have the niruri mold, I have a tongue reaction first. My taste is enhanced and trigger saliva or not; a tonsils reaction almost within a half hour which swells my throat like a sore throat which subsides and leaves my lips feeling cool. If the reaction is stronger, my esophagus is cool too after.

Yesterday my throat developed a reflex cough as well.

And somehow gut bacteria dominate human cells.(1) How this happens and why may have to do with our prana.


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