Friday, December 9, 2016

The cataract effect of Uran

It's happening for Icy too! The cataract in both eyes are gathering lower down on the lens. So this is the 4th and oldest dog! Took so many doses though - and dangerous when I've never used the remedy before. Really takes it out of me.:(

But *phew*. About 7-8 reckless doses before bakery black died, 24day break then 1 dose; then 12 day break then 1 dose. About 10 doses.

In none of the 4 is the eye completely clear. But the hardened lens has a concentrated spot of cataract on the lower side and hazy milkiness throughout lightening upward.

Most of these dogs are also mostly deaf and with atherosclerosis of the veins if the ears. I hope to see that change back in the order of appearance.

This lightens my heart so much because it extends the lifespan of street dogs. Deaf and blind on the roads is death under the wheels of an impatient narc.

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